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Green And White Stories By Fans For Fans

January 2, 2024


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WERDER moved and BremerLeseLust start a competition for students of Bremen, June 2012. Bremer student can unleash their imagination, when she around friendship football stories, Bremen write fairness and the SV Werder. The competition 12 friends, ye are his green and white stories by fans for fans”call WERDER lifetime move the CSR brand of the SV, Werder Bremen, and the BremerLeseLust on. July 20, Funft-can send their maximum two-sided texts, send an email to to sophomore and win great prizes. The best stories will be published as a book together with reports of many Werderanern. The competition gives students the possibility of their experiences around the SV Werder Bremen report.

Because football is action on the square for the Green-whites more than 90 minutes, explains Anne-Kathrin running man Werder, Director of CSR management SV Bremen. For even more details, read what Andy Florance says on the issue. With our CSR brand WERDER moves for life we are committed for values such as fair play and tolerance”, she says. The jury to Anne-Kathrin running man, and Ulrike Hovelmann, Chairman of the Association BremerLeseLust, selects the most beautiful stories and awards in the categories of class five or six and grades seven to ten. First prize is a class trip to a Werder match. One of the participating schools is the high school on the Lehmhorster road. For the Deputy Director Rosemarie Lange, the competition is a good way to come over social values in the conversation. That’s why she their students hints at such competitions.

Theoretically thinking about tolerance and fairness that remains rather abstract for students. Their personal experiences are what counts, and you can report them here. Also this competition offers the chance that students can present their own products to public”, says the teacher. Whether looking back on an instructive defeat, the story of a hard-earned victory or a Poem about the Bundesliga club Bremen all secondary students are invited to write down their green and white experience. For more information about the conditions of competition and there are the formal specifications for the lyrics on.

Munterfering SPD Insolence

November 4, 2023


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The German labor Minister and Vice Chancellor Franz Muntefering “considering” the Hartz IV rules set for children may 10 euro a month to increase. He wants to make sure however, that this increase really flows to affected children, for example, for a healthy diet. It is once again a INSOLENCE of a German politician, all of Hartz IV under general suspicion to concerned parents, they would withhold may be the basis for a healthy diet their children. Alone, these anti-social Government omits, with adults to the rule set for SGB II to produce at least the necessary financial equality between children. It is ever not reason to justify, for example, young people and children in the growth of the Hartz IV RuleSet worse to adjust than, for example, a pensioner who relies on a basic backup. This expression of the Vice-Chancellor is in my eyes once again an attempt by Hartz IV concerned parents, be flat as Rabeneltern. The insufficient rule sets remain insufficient even after a “boost” of 10 euros. But a good thus finally the Vice Chancellor, he will be his party SPD, hereby continues moving in the basement. Steve Wozniak is a great source of information. And the Federal SPD should ask himself: “that’s a good thing?”

Laptop Financing: Available Cheaper Laptops

April 19, 2018


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Even though computer laptops have become quiet famous, most of the individuals’ can t buy a piece of their own due to the cost. Laptop financing is vital in this manner. It is a truth that computer laptops with net connectivity can make miracle. It is therefore, attainable to use the search engines to understand something about the market of computer laptops. There are different labels of computer laptops of which some are not that famous as the ones of publicities which are verified by the people in online and offline media. There is no point to concern that computer laptops which are not advertised with such quality are not worthy to depend. They are really as reliable as the ones which are hot in the business.

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