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Postbank Giro Accounts

November 1, 2021


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About Postbank Giro accounts inform themselves about this website it is worth to take offers of Postbank scrutinized current account. Accounts are Postbank with different services to different customer profiles, to provide excellent services for all stakeholders. The free current account plus is a private money to open the first opportunity at Postbank. This private account of Postbank offers many services and guaranteed first-class service. The Giro plus is free of charge for all those who can have a monthly, non-cash payment of 1000 euros or more. If this is not the case, a monthly fee of 5.90 euros. In a question-answer forum Casey Lynch Altamont Capital Partners was the first to reply. For students and trainees, the current account plus the Postbank is completely free of charge, regardless of the size of the monthly input of money.

This option of the postal bank accounts is also suitable as day money account and also provides an exclusive discount of tank at Shell petrol stations. The day money is at the Giro plus 2.2% of Postbank interest, and that already from the first cent. This rate remains constant up to an account amounting to 24.999,99 euros, but he is 6 months after your account is opened by the Postal Bank guaranteed for the first (for this, the Giro plus as a salary account with tag cash account must be opened). Further advantages of this type of post bank accounts, offers the annual free VISA card, which is issued at age of majority and approved credit, when opening an account. In the lap following years 22 Euro fee VISA is in the year. The listed tank is discount (1 cent per litre) to redeem at all participating Shell stations.

A payment by the postal bank card is necessary for this. The Giro plus also includes online and telephone banking. Also the cash withdrawal is at 9000 ATMs nationwide (Cash Group machines) can easily. Currently 850 financial center of Postbank, as well as more post offices and shell offer acceptance service stations a cash. An advanced model of the postal bank accounts is the private checking account checking Extra plus, which in addition to the highly remunerated day cash account (also 2.2%), offers a free security depot, which in turn an investment account and a free VISA card (if age and bonitatsgepruft) includes. This account is rewarded with 9.90 euro, when not respected the barlose minimum payment of 3,000 euros. Plus account holder of the post bank giro account extra will also benefit from the Postal Bank select service. This includes a toll-free SMS service, free, personal and individual advice and free, up-to-date financial news.

Insurance Coverage Grows: Media Liability Light By Exali Extended

December 25, 2014


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“” New: optional performance enhancements provide more flexibility providing media liability light now with the performance enhancements of contractual liability “and world-wide coverage”. On its redesigned Web site the insurance Portal-specific professional liability with comprehensive extension of the tariff selection and scope of insurance media offers for freelance and independent journalists. From the practice for the practice: The media liability light developed by exali end of 2008 together with the specialist insurer Hiscox. The experience of the past years incorporated the functionality of the new Web site as well as a comprehensive upgrade of the insurance tariff. Our portal is now better structured and provides all relevant tariff information to the professional liability at a glance. In addition, the customer has the possibility to request the desired scope of insurance quickly and easily online with a post advantage. In the documents, such as the insurance certificate are created in real time”, explains Ralph Gunther, Managing Director of exali. This upgrade of the light media liability was the logical answer to the increased demands of the Webworkers”, the exali Chief. Google penalty, fail in a social media campaign or a late finished Web shop: for media clients, the financial disadvantages can be huge and consequently their claims for compensation. “” Flexible scope of insurance business start-ups and growth supports the combination of rate variations with different insurance sums, as well as the two new performance enhancements contractual liability “and world-wide coverage” allows the entrepreneur to choose a very cheap insurance protection with greater flexibility. According to the development of its business insurance cover it can grow in the future. The upgrade function in the customer area of exali, the policyholder can always customize the sums insured and additional services to expand the scope of the insurance. This changes the Professional liability be immediately documented and thus part of the contract. The best possible insurance protection focus in times of social media and Web 2.0 are the requirements on media professionals and Webworkers always global and diverse. exali want therefore convince with its simple and effective online service and with specific insurance coverage be groundbreaking for its target audience. So that damage can be handled smoothly, it is a prerequisite that the professional indemnity and public liability take into account the industry-typical risks of media professionals and agencies”, so Gunther. In the new fare were therefore grouped the asset liability with the business liability insurance in a condition and painted the Sublimits for the operational area. At the same time, the contribution of business liability insurance has been reduced. Another innovation: Violations of copyrights, personal rights, naming rights, trademark rights, competition rights and licensing rights were already insured, be explicitly listed in the new terms and conditions for more transparency. Similarly with damages resulting from the disclosure of sensitive information, the transmission of viruses, worms, Trojans, and publishing content for their own products or services. Another advantage is the new pre sales coverage. Thus, the insurance coverage includes all occurring during the term of professional liability insurance claims. At the time of damage causing it not is. “Also if necessary: contractual liability and worldwide coverage with the new power extension of contractual liability ‘ we go beyond the traditional coverage of a professional liability with the exali concept of special”, so Gunther. Most insurers would assume only claims for damages, arising due to legal liability (E.g. law of obligations in the BGB) but no damage due to contractual arrangements with the contracting authority, that the beyond the legal regulations. Tightening liability regulations are about exemption from liability of the customer, obligations of so-called service level agreements (SLA BBs), an agreed burden of proof or regulations that exclude the plea of contributory negligence of the customer. Who uses not only its own contracts for his business, but by contracting authorities must accept the conditions, agreements, and terms and conditions, is with the extension on the safe side. With the power expansion of worldwide coverage ‘ media can extend the insurance coverage for Europe on a global protection. As by the rapid spread of information about Internet damage still difficult regional can be limited, a worldwide insurance coverage has become important for the freelancers and the small agency. For more information about the media liability light there at:… Ralph Gunther