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The Phone Phreak

July 20, 2018


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Let us consider those who do phreaking to explore the phone system. Most people, even using the phone, he knows very little about him. The phone phreaks, on the other hand, want to learn a lot about. This desire for knowledge as well summarizes an active phreaker: “The phone system is the most interesting and fascinating thing I know. There are so many things to learn. Even phreaks have different areas of knowledge. There are many things you can know that in an attempt can learn something important and the next no.

Or it may happen otherwise. It all depends on how and where to obtain the information. I myself would like to work for a company telecommunications, doing something interesting, like programming a switching center. Something that is not an insignificant task enslaving. Something that is fun. But you have to take the risk to participate, unless you have the fortune to work for one of these companies. Having access to the things of these companies, such as manuals, etc.

Should be great. ” Most of the people of the underworld does not approach the phone system with that passion. They are only interested in exploring her weaknesses for other purposes. In this case, the telephone system is an end in itself. Another interviewee who identified himself as a hacker, explained: “I know very little about phones just am a hacker. Many people do the same. In my case, make phreaker is a tool widely used, but a tool after all.