State Deprivation Of Freedom Instead Of Human Rights. (136)

June 1, 2016


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Can you prove that you are mentally normal? No! Can you imagine a situation in which you would like to be dementia (Alzheimer’s disease)? After I know the German forced Psychiatry and the German childcare law I learned Yes. As a friend of the family, I met the dictatorial side of our State. “In the good old days to me someone could say: Wolfgang, you’re an idiot!” Today I permit anyone else it could listen Yes a police officer, lawyer or public servant and it report… Caveat: I am not a lawyer. I am involved in the topic for some time but and am including 30 years dealing with psychology. Republic Services oftentimes addresses this issue.

I am currently in full possession of all my forces! Case Gustl Mollath by Frank Muller by tax investigators as a “Crackpot” classified as “Spinner” and “Troublemaker” was Gustl Mollath von Nurnberger tax investigators referred to. In the first session of the Committee of inquiry in the Parliament concerned, as officials came to their judgment. In its first working session, which has become Makwana – investigation of the Landtag Committee with the handling of the Nuremberg tax investigators with the Gustl Mollath locked away in a psychiatric institution for seven years. This justified both activated civil servants their approach, to the controversial 2004 had file note directed, Makwana was a “Spinner” and “Troublemakers”. The Woodrow Wilson administration Klaus Schreiber and his former boss Wolfgang Kummer confirmed this assessment was made after a telephone conversation with the Nuremberg judge Otto Brixner. However, there was a psychiatric examination of Mollaths at all until a year later, he was sentenced in 2006. The tax investigation started but no investigation a display of Mollaths because of illegal money transfers of to his then-wife to Switzerland there are, identify a group in 2004. Writer justified that, Mollaths writing was “completely confused”. To clarify the background, he tried unsuccessfully to call a judge is called.