Spanish Services

January 2, 2014


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It is true that years ago the Internet was the route by which any user could very easily access articles, samples, gifts, free services promotions, had websites, even, that specialized in offering these services and gift items. I myself got, that golden age of the great network in Spain, a webcam, CDs, an ink cartridge for the printer, gift of establishments, shipments of free SMS, but everything seems to be that you eventually disappear, engullido by this tide of advertising, banners, pop up annoying, thematic portals dull, everything what is the daily life of an average Netizen, in short. But are you sure that she is not no I trace everything what?, are you sure that no longer can find is free stuff on the Internet? It might seem otherwise but is still having quite a few options for Internet users to find all kinds of resources and free services on the net great, well as possibilities not only get samples of articles or free gifts, but even receiving money in exchange for use according to what servcios. Rumor has it this month of February 2006, Microsoft prepare all an offensive against its major current competitor, which strangely, is Google, with such innvodoras measures as pay its search engine (MSN) users, either offer a limited version of its Windows operating system free but with advertising banners. In the great network market is readapting again and Internet users, we can surely benefit from it. It can only be proactive, be knowledgeable and attentive to new developments to take advantage and amortize well our bandwidth. By the way, a new Spanish form, in promotion and in beta these days, is offering the possibility of sending free SMS. If you try, it is perhaps how better you are going to have to discover that world of resources and free services, Internet still offers, for very hidden and inaccessible as it seems to find these past years.