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January 11, 2015


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Facebook, Twitter, XING, Tumblr, Blogger Heidelberg – even in the good old Germany the figures speak a clear language: cavort on Facebook (official business as of December 2010) approximately 12% of the population, and these are not only consumer-happy, but also very active in the network. And where is your company? With a static Web site, which was updated last time 4 years ago its was incredibly expensive creation -. To know more about this subject visit Great, so you pass but something exactly on the trend of social networks. Social networks serve the companies, by the users to give direct and unvarnished feedback. For even more opinions, read materials from So you can change your lines, adapt, develop new products, that you had not known without the information. You get for free, all quickly and directly in the interactive dialog with the customer. But you have no money–remember Web page creation and this agency was how expensive the.

For each change you want money now. Money you need to earn once and the time, if you every day in Facebook, Twitter,. XING, Tumblr, blogger, etc look then you have more yes no time to take care of the work. Therefore, there is the social network of corporate service of guerilla marketing Nastasi now, fast, reliable and inexpensive your companies pages will be created and maintained. We are a company that is at home on the Internet, even actively use the network and its features. The offer is characterized by short maturities, timely transposition and cheap flat-rate tariffs. Today there are hundreds of companies that perform these services in the United States, because in the United States, the trend to the social networks is more than at us some years. There already large sums of money on these networks are implemented – join us at the beginning in Germany and position themselves now with the low rates of online marketing professionals from Heidelberg, Germany.