December 13, 2017


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The Human being passes for this formal plan and places on itself pecha of shy. What God has with this? It already gave the Life to it that is the biggest victory, because it kills all the deaths, also the death of the shyness. This feeling cannot be good attractive one, who needs to be active in the daily heddle, since it possesss its proper defense: To exist. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi. IT WORKS IN the GOOD Perceives that the person who if easily says shy part for the arrogance that is its way of extravasar the occult shyness. The shy one generally looks for very to appear or then to hide itself of the world, two extremities that hinder the approach it balance. Shyness? It works in the practical one of the Good, because in this way it wastes itself, but the escape of the daily responsibilities does not alliviate the pack of nobody. The APOCALYPSE DISCLOSES to the SOUL OF the PERSON Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 21:7: The winner will inherit these things, and I it will be God, and it me he will be son.

It is in it also that it is written: How much, however, to the shy ones, the cowards, the skeptics, to abominable, to the assassins, the impure ones, the adultery ones, to the wizards, to whom they give poison, to idlatras and all the liars of the world the part that fits to them will be in the lake that arde with fire and sulphur _ _ that it is the second death. Apocalypse of Jesus According to Joo, CAP. 21:8. EXPANSION Much people has fear to die, but all day in the limits dies that same itself if imposed. To open the horizon to give to ticket the great accomplishments has that to be with the proper person, because another way does not exist to solve the problem of the shyness, seno facing it. The shy ones will not inherit the sky, that is, they do not conquer the longed for things because they are alone in the ombreira of the door.

It is found unhappy, because the shyness produces fear, but the fear can be looser for the courage to enter inside of itself and to know themselves. The person who if knows, knows the others, because all had been created by the same God. SUBLIMING How much to the other defects that turn around us we have that to coexist them until sublimar them. This is part of the existence human being. To win the limits is to get rid itself of the worse death: the death of the limitation. CHANGE Immediate How much to the fire and sulphur that produce a deep remorse punishing the interior of the Human being, it can be destroyed, therefore the second death if is successful, since the first one is alone change immediate. SHYNESS IS the UNFAMILIARITY OF TOMORROW mine tomorrow is the continuation of today, therefore Mosaic is written in the Gnesis, CAP. 3:14: The Moiss said God: I AM WHAT I AM. He said more: Thus you will say the children of Israel: I AM I sent me you others. IDENTITY fondness to be equal to the others does not free the creature of any slavery, therefore God created it to its image and similarity in Immortal Spirit.