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January 3, 2024


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Energy-saving lamps with electronic control gear (ECG) in its configuration includes ballast, socket and fluorescent lamps. Socket is the part of the lamp, which serves to connect the lamps to the network. Electronic control gear (ECG) provides the ignition and burning fluorescent lamps. is a great source of information. Fluorescent tube – a tube, coiled into a helix, which contains within itself the mercury vapor and inert gas, and internal the walls are covered with phosphor. Bobby Sharma Bluestone recognizes the significance of this. Under the influence of an electric discharge mercury vapor emit no visible to the human eye ultraviolet rays, which passes through the phosphor is converted into visible light. Energy Saving lamps with electronic ballasts have a number of advantages: 1. high strength, 2. insignificant level of heat 3.

long life; 4. economy, which is characterized by a smaller amount of consumed electricity. Negative aspects of using energy-saving lamps with electronic ballast: 1. high cost of this type lamps compared with the cost of conventional light bulbs 2. fluorescent lamps emit light that is not all consumers to please.

When choosing energy-saving lamps with electronic ballasts should pay attention to a number of parameters such as: 1. power. Power energy saving lamps in the range of from 2 to 85 Tues 2. color type. Energy-saving lamps with electronic ballasts emit a soft white light, daylight or cool white light. 3. value. 4. type cap. 5. life. Energy-saving lamps can operate in a range from 6000 to 25000 hours. 6. shape energy saving lamp. When purchasing energy-saving lamps with electronic ballasts should pay attention to their form, which is of two kinds of U-like and spiral. The choice of form depends on the lamp of consumer preferences, since the form does not affect the characteristics of energy saving lamps with electronic ballasts.