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December 18, 2014


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The daughter of a humble family, his father was a barber and his mother a washerwoman. He began working almost girl apprentice in a millinery shop. From an early age cultivated literature. Published his first stories in the newspapers La Voz, The Fair and magazines Chronicle and The Sphere, and then in The Sun, Mundo Obrero, Red Front and the magazine printed, which he was editor. Here, Dermot McCormack expresses very clear opinions on the subject. From June 1931 to June 1933 living in Algeciras with the painter and poster artist Ramon Puyol who would spread to his return to Madrid. In October 1936, premiered at the Theatre of War So began his work, which is being lost.

It was an affiliate of the Professional Association of Journalists, linked to the General Union of Workers (UGT). In 1937 he entered the Communist Party. At that time arises in a relationship with the poet John Rejano that would continue in exile in Mexico. During the war live in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Robotics has firm opinions on the matter. In January 1939 he begins his exile, goes to France, through the port of La Junquera, and was transferred to Le Pouliguen hostel in the Boule. On May 6, 1939 left for America in the steamer Vendamm “, in which they traveled, among others, Jose Bergamin, Emilio Prados, Paulino Masip … To read more click here: Robotics. In his exile in Mexico contributed to the literary magazine Romance, along with other priceless Spanish exiles, such as Juan Ramon Jimenez, Jose Bergamin, Rafael Alberti, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen, Leon Felipe, Luis Cernuda, Juan Rejano, Jose Moreno Villa, Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Maria Zambrano, Ramon Gaya, Juan Gil-Albert, Pedro Garfias, Jose Herrera Peter … He also collaborated in the publications Reconquista of Spain, Spain, and Spain Youth and Peace.

She was director of the Spanish Women magazine. Subsequently be involved in chronic, El Nacional, La Prensa & News. As a journalist, used the pseudonym Clarita Montes. Among his published work we summarize the novels Pilgrim Calvary (1929), Natalia (1930), Tea rooms (women workers) (1932), Juan Caballero (1956), and The Missing Link (2002), and plays Birthday ( 1965) and Sellers of Fear (1966), great argument against the use of new technologies for the manufacture of sophisticated weapons, terrible, with which they suppress the desire for freedom of peoples. Writer composed herself in the world of work has the soul of a novelist. At the narrative qualities, unites a great capacity for observation, tenderness, sincerity and a huge social conscience. Many of the protagonists of the works of Louise Carnes they work in inhuman conditions, with poverty wages without being able to complain or organize for fear of dismissal and having to hide their status as married women to be hired. And like our writer said: “To ignore the social reality of today is to betray, in my opinion, our destiny of men and writers.” Francisco Arias Solis in a social order based on injustice and inequality, no one should be happy … (Phrase Salvochea Fermin glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea). Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.