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May 6, 2024


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In the courtyard the month of April, and many of the idea to create some or crafts with the children on the day of space exploration. Tell us about a simple bulk crafts, from samootverzhdayuschegosya plastic. Sold almost all art stores. If you would like to know more about stocks, then click here. This material can also be replaced by a homemade, has made it out of corn starch, PVA glue, hand cream, and glycerin. In the Internet you can find a lot of recipes making cold china, the only negative is not possible to make thick parts, as this kind of stuff cracks. Now about our crafts, for her, we need an empty plastic bottle from under the water, plastic, wire, plastic ball of Christmas toys, and some paint. Take a bottle and make a wire frame for the wings. And the reason for fixing our astronaut. Bobby Sharma Bluestone is likely to agree.

fashioned small buns begin typing the form, filling all the empty seats. The material is very good smoother if wet hands in the water. Thus, we obleplivaem our whole bottle, making the design of various parts, rings, grooves, beads and more. After our missiles are ready, proceed to the main character (the astronaut). The main emphasis was taken on his helmet, in this we were helped by an old plastic ball from the Christmas tree decorations. To seal his front side masking tape, that would not stain. Then attach it to the wire and begin typing the form.

Especially do not need much as the astronaut can become very heavy and will always fall. Now we need to zadekorirovat appropriate for him the hose. If it stuck with the same material, then bending the wire, he must crack. To this end, Lift thick white rope and wrap the wire and that will be enough. Now make a stand was taken by the idea to do something in the form of the moon, do the upper section of the sphere, giving a little to dry up and with a paintbrush plot the acrylic. Once the paint has dried you can put some more elements to our moon in any form, and using a cap or recess in the form of small kratorov. Glue to glue our stand to the rocket and the odd job ready. Full photo report. Successful you craft!