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January 20, 2016


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To provide a range of services to as many partners and counter-agents, which in captivity and marvel at the hard-working professionals will cater to the concierge – the market. facts. As for the price for the opportunity to join the maintenance of status, it all begins as a rule with 1500 USD per year. Many shrug their shoulders – and not so expensive … Wait a contemptuous frown – this amount is only an annual fee, how much it will cost you use the services … Believe me – you will be able to prove their solvency. In addition, in 1500 – is a basic set of services. A gold, platinum, diamonds and all sorts of fees, even at the stage of the subscription fee instills respect for self and to those to whom the money paid. Online Coverage Concierge service is only Moscow and St.

Petersburg, which actually surprised at nothing. I think the smart reader will know the reason for this imbalance in the direction of the two capitals and deliver me from the discussion on the topic – snickering Moscow, which has all the money from Russia pulls … along with St. Petersburg. That's what is God's will and the president's team. Each firm has a website where you will find the programs and prices for services. The choice is yours – most importantly, remember the truth of the concierge – service principle – "Think about the main thing, we'll take care of small things", where the motto is presented in full – there is your comfort and peace of mind. There's your status in good hands experienced managers and active life and purpose of which protection of your time, comfort and peace … for your money, of course.