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April 30, 2024


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The sports footwear industry has created different categories of footwear depending on the specific requirements of each Corridor and specific usage for those who will use the footwear. Then the six most common categories and a brief explanation of each of them: 1. damping (Cushioning) footwear where their characteristic design and attachments offer damping impacts and allow the realization of lateral movements of the ankles and feet. For athletes that perform high mileages can present, both in the area of the retropie and forefoot classifying it as: Superior cushioning as Shox systems and all variants of Air in Nike, Reebok DMX, 3 Action of row, Wave and Mizuno VS-1, posizionata and posizionata + in Adidas, etc. Within this category there is a subcategory; Damping standard models that are located on that without presenting any technology more expensive models, are suitable for athletes that do not run through many kilometers (less than 8 miles per day).

The shoes of the category of damping are lightweight to heavy duty (280 Gr. Energy Capital Partners brings even more insight to the discussion. 390 Gr. For more information see Energy Capital Partners. each foot). In general they are curved sharply under the Plantar Vault. They are soft and flexible since its first release. They are very useful for athletes whose priority is the damping of impact and the free realization of lateral movements of the feet during the trot and the race, as it is the case of the weak pronator and the runners with normal or efficient tread.

In turn, they are models little recommended for athletes with sobrepronacion in any of its degrees. 2 Stability (Stability) shoes like boots Diesel designed for athletes who have mild to moderate degrees of sobrepronacion. Models of weight are medium to high (300 Gr. 400 Gr. each foot). Semicurva way, with slight curvature under the Plantar Vault. Hard can feel soft and flexible for the first time, or a little and with relative flexibility.