July 27, 2015


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\”Cortado corporate server 3.6 Second Edition\” seamlessly integrates smartphones in the enterprise IT and allows you to now also spontaneous presentations in Berlin, may 2008 – Cortado corporate server 3.6 Second Edition is now available. Among the highlights of the new version, the widely applicable function counts present-to-screen to view documents on the laptop or PC screen. Special attention was given to the seamless integration into the IT environment of companies. Other minor improvements, the installation was greatly simplified in addition. With present-to-screen files of any format transmissible now quickly and easily smartphone from BlackBerry to notebook or PC screens, even if the user has forgotten the corresponding file in the Office. Thus you presentations directly from your Smartphone can keep or look at documents such as diagrams, blueprints, or complex spreadsheets.

The desired presentation can be selected with the Cortado Explorer from your corporate network. Transfer is only a highly compressed View of the presentation. Thus, present-to-screen offers big savings in terms of download time and data transfer up to 80 percent. The function offers many advantages in comparison to the previous \”print to screen\”. So, the user must install a special software nor a previous conversion to a different file format is necessary. Access to the files is possible from anywhere.

To ensure seamless integration into the enterprise IT, all from your BlackBerry smartphone run in the corporate network as initiated actions, as if the user would sit on his PC. All user rights on the corporate network access even when the usage of the Cortado corporate server: for example the rights need to be redefined at the access to a network printer. \”The use of existing IT infrastructure is tremendously important for our customers. Now, we can ensure a truly exemplary integration. For example, the proper is over the use of the rights structure Interaction with other software systems, such as tracking and accounting secured.\”Thorsten Hesse, international sales manager Cortado enterprise solutions.