Member Networking Uses Social Community Software

January 18, 2015


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Mitgleidervernetzung in the Web 2.0 – 15.06.10 the Austrian Werbewissenschaftliche society (WWG) based at the University of Economics in Vienna created together with the IntrWorlds GmbH – the leading provider of social community software in Europe – a portal for Member networking. To enable its members ideal knowledge exchange and member networking, the platform will bring together various functionalities of Web 2.0. Thus it will be users, to create your own profile page, in the personal data can be entered and managed and the visibility of the data set. In addition to the traditional functions, such as for example the options of image galleries, articles, help documents and forums posts, it is also possible to create surveys and manage appointments. Integrating the entire member management of the WWG is a special priority in the social community software.

Thus does the WWG in addition to the Member networking the entire payment management as post managing the social community software through. An exchange of information and knowledge, a smooth communication and therefore the best possible networking of Member is ensured by provision of software for the members of the Association. Decentralized networks are strengthened by the Member networking and yet the binding to the company will be intensified. It can be new contacts as well as existing. IntrWorlds offers their social community software as a software-as-a-service provider and takes on hosting and the maintenance of the platform adjacent to the implementation. Also, the specialist for Member networking, social community software, an external homepage for the WWG created IntrWorlds.