Management System

December 17, 2018


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CMS is an English acronym that means (Content Management System). CMS applications have been developed to provide an opportunity for many users who aspire to have a website but have no technical knowledge required for the creation of a portal or website on the Internet, this knowledge must be at least learn the language HTML in the case of aiming to create a flat or static web page, ie without animations pompous or interaction with databases. If what we want is to have a website, blog, web directory or a more complex application requires other skills such as php, css, mysql, apache, etc, the more extensive the knowledge the greater the chances of creating a good implementation. In case you do not possess the knowledge required to produce an application that meet your needs it is best to choose to use a CMS tool that is available under the GNU GPL license. A CMS is basically an application software tool, usually right through the web access that lets you create in minutes from personal blogs to e-commerce portals in a very simple and without any view or manipulate code. You can choose from multiple designs that are generally available for free and everyone can fully customize them to create an own. User defined the benefits of a content management system The speed of development of new technologies requires us to keep informed about the latest developments, new standards, and other programming methods. .