Ivan Petrovitch

October 28, 2014


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The head is inclined to fix on things, predicting disaster. You sit in the office, runs your accountant: hair disheveled, gasping for air like a fish in the eyes of madness. Catching his breath shouting – a disaster! Well, then, if the picture is exactly how I drew, you can yawn and lazy to go check what happened there. I assure you – will fall a few phone calls. Or one. But most managers respond pale face, his hand stretched over validol, voice, uttering: "What what happened to Ivan Petrovitch? "will somehow kinked, etc. And it is precisely this fear prevents an adequate assessment of the situation, which is really dangerous, just as traffic cop on the road. Well, yes, it is unpleasant.

Well, we had to pay a fine (or not have). Well, lost two minutes or five. He died that someone from this? None. If you're white business – take all the checking and politely send in the foot erotic journey, if they are not scrupulously follow the Procedure for verification. Since you're white and fluffy, you must know him very well because it is your main defense against lawlessness.

After all, lawlessness – the only thing that can make a white business. If you have a professional business – just let another bribe. You will still sit or go broke sooner or later, so that the seven woes – one answer. Such is your share, kriminalschikov: Stole – drunk – in jail. The more you give the bribe, the more likely that you have for them the same and go to jail.