Importance Of The Study

October 12, 2018


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Many people complaining of his bad economic situation, others of his little success finding employment. Some attribute this to a streak of bad luck, saladera, Gypsy curse, damage that made him the neighbor, etc. The man since it is born and comes into the world receives their fond parents, food, shelter and education. Education requires all men of the world in age of kindergarten to study. For some school-age children, the study becomes something interesting, allowing you to thoroughly exploit their potential.But for other children, for the vast majority the study becomes something distasteful, boring, that force you to have it occupied. Some even believe that their parents are bad because they penalize them if they get bad grades. Nobody seems to understand the because of the study, because even when the child turns into a teenager finishes high school and high school, thinking about as approving without studying, on how to avoid exposing in a class, in approving to meet.

The purpose of the study is that we discover the truth. The truth of life, things, the world and the society that surrounds us. As We are discovering the truth, we are enhancing our intelligence, developing skills, skills, capabilities, our intelligence. With all our strengthened potential we can transform the reality surrounding us. ASI architects, engineers, technicians, scientists, they have transformed the reality and today we have cities, skyscrapers, computers, machinery, aircraft, ships, spacecraft, all this thanks to the intelligence of men who studied much and created for humanity. There this the reason of being of the study. The study allows us to develop ourselves better as people, develop intellectual capacities, that then we will use in our benefit, either for intellectual work, as managers, entrepreneurs, surgeons, lawyers, politicians and achieve unparalleled economic and social status. People who do not study or studying to fulfill, to pass the exam, are mediocre individuals.