How To Repair The Body Of An Old Car

March 28, 2018


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Very old car, not to mention quite decrepit, in the civilized world can be found only because the owner or eccentric, or has a hobby – old cars on the road the weather out there do not. And in any case their technical condition and dashing looks are admirable. We decrepit, worn-out machines still constitute the basis of traffic flow. Cars in everyday life do not emit, and repair, reduced, changing the body, sell and resell. According to statistics, by the 1969 fleet of private vehicles was old enough. However, at the time when 1.2 million cars vypuse only through trade network has sold 2.1 million vehicles, while the number of owners has increased by more than 9 million. Since then, the share of old cars is constantly increasing: decreasing the production of new and used imported from abroad.

Social situation update also does not help. The once-elite part of society – doctors, predpodavateli universities, engineers and officials of ministries and departments, the military, to acquire personal transportation in the first place, now do not already can. New cars available to them, and left without a car at all – is impossible. Exit – to patch and patch are available. But where and how? Logically, revive rusty ten-fifteen car itself is more expensive: the cost of its recovery will exceed the market price, for which this machine can then be sold. However, having been instructed to 'repair' your old car – possibly a good and cheap – a journalist edition 'car and life service 'was surprised to find that the older machines we have still taken, and moreover, it is for car service is profitable! Showed up and the way to significantly decrease the cost of such repairs.