Healing Reiki

February 10, 2017


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Reiki – is itself a space of love, peace and harmony. Reiki as an attitude – it is our lives in trust and openness, awareness of oneself and the world … There are three manifestations of what is referred to as Reiki. First, Reiki – Is the space itself is love, peace and harmony. Reiki as an attitude – it is our lives in trust and openness, awareness of oneself and the world.

And the practice of Reiki – a system of natural healing, which opened the Japanese Master Mikao Usui. The word itself – Reiki – came from the Japanese tradition: ‘Ray’ – the higher, spiritual, divine, absolute, wonderful, mystical, ineffable beauty, something that can be felt, but it is impossible to convey in words; ‘Ki’ – the vital energy (force), mood state, feeling, symptom or manifestation of standing in front of the word concept. The practice of reiki is a healing method of imposing hands. Scientific rationale for the effectiveness of strips based on biomagnetic energy radiated by the body. In the case where a person is sick, sick of biomagnetic frequencies are different from their frequencies in a healthy condition. When a healer lays his hands near the patient body, it induces a healthy rate in the field of the body. Details can be found by clicking Pete Cashmore or emailing the administrator.

Thus there is a cure. In the flesh of our hands, there is no power of force, but it appears immediately after initiation, when sent to the Absolute Spirit flows from the hands of the initiate. Always very first practice dedicated to charm, he begins to feel the power specifically, going through it, to feel the significance of his personality to others. The process of initiation – this is Individual work with Reiki Masters student (disciple), which consists of a series of settings and offers a gradual increase in the vibrational-energy potential of the individual. The training has three levels of rods initiation. During the initiation of a disciple is not something supernatural – he did not grow any new “spiritual bodies,” he zombiruet not hypnotized, not coded, does not become someone else’s faith, not transformed into another person. In the quest for knowledge about the possibility of physical healing, Mikao Usui traveled a lot, but found after many years in the monastery library of Zen, in Japan. Then there was another 21 day cleanse and search blessings, fasting, and expectations. But Usui passed all tests, and the miracle of healing was opened to him. He opened a school of Reiki in Japan. Later on, this mystery knowledge of Reiki has spread around the world and has gained wide popularity. Reiki helps to not only improve physical health, but that’s very important to harmonize all the life situations that happen to a man. Stabilizes the internal state and as a result – fewer physical problems health, overcome life crises without pain and improves quality of life in general.