Haight Ashbury

March 27, 2020


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Until then the hippies of conviction were lonely Palm trees in the desert. Others dress of hippies to exit the weekend but didn’t understand the philosophy nor the mysticism behind the movement. See how 500,000 people lived together three days in peace and harmony under the rain and mud, with psychedelic dancing you in neurons, made the concept on the use of recreational drugs to deal with a new status. Today the marijuana has been proven by 43 percent of Americans (120 million). Percentage, more than in the Netherlands (22.6 per cent) where its use was decriminalised for three decades. Stu Cook, bassist of Creedence Clearwater Revival, which was the central event of the event, recalls that he and his group arrived environment rocker of the San Francisco Bay Area with skepticism. We always look of the nose down to the East Coast, we had Golden Gate Park. We thought we had something special.

But in Woodstock, we saw that there were freaks everywhere. The concert became visible, due to excessive vehicular traffic that jammed the roads with a million people trying to reach the tiny village that appeared on the map because it authorized the show on its slopes. Woodstock became famous by the chaos that resulted, but without victims, as it would happen in Altamont. There was no water, food or enough bathrooms. All that was left were drugs, and nobody thought that half a million young people with the altered senses could sensibly be handled in that environment.

The important media mentioned the news reaching the cover of Time magazine. Otherwise it would have been nothing more than a note in the local newspapers of Berkeley and Haight Ashbury. Then came the Oscar-winning film. Contagious sense of camaraderie lasted a short time. Reality made us return to life as it has always been and will continue to be. The Grateful Dead wanted to keep the spirit of the age in his constant pilgrimage, but never again to feel that singular union that occurred in a short unforgettable moment in the history of rock.