April 22, 2017


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Likewise, the cities of Guadalajara and Monterrey tripled its volume of population, reaching the 1.5 and 1.2 million correspondingly. While in 1950 the localities with one number greater than 100 000 inhabitants were just fourteen, in 1970 they became 40. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. So Mexico had truly become an urban country. Economic and Social process of internal migration is directly related with the process of industrialization of the country. That’s why that from 1940 will modify the urban structure significantly. During the 1960s and 1970s years population flow was enough. Big cities still had capacity to receive people and remained favourable for all development.

In the 1980s, cities began a over populated, which resulted in a reduction in the labour markets and a high saturation of the cities. Wages lost his purchasing power. What caused that large cities are no longer attractive for social mobility. The society was severely affected both economically and socially; Since he now lived in a city of enormous magnitudes. Services began to become scarce also. The old services that previously lent themselves easily to the society began to decline for example, the IMSS or the ISSTE were no longer the same, now had greater population requiring such services and little capacity to meet them.

Cultural many cultural aspects are affected by internal migration. Customs vary from a place to another of Mexico, so by migrating, people bring with them diverse knowledge and traditions that end up adapting in place of arrival, or are lost permanently. An example, people who grow up in the beaches, tend to be people more open and desinhibidas, others have very marked ancestors roots, as is the case of those living Southeast of Mexico. The capital of the country for example, are people who are accustomed to the big city, traffic, people, pollution, and therefore makes behavior different to many of the provincials. These are just examples of the difference in behavior and culture within Mexico.