Dewey Social

July 13, 2016


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The function of the educational apparatus does not have to be ade to teach, but to create learning conditions. In the cognitiva area, techniques computational models estosendo used to investigate as the knowledge are produced and representadopela mind. In the field of ' ' intelligence artificial' ' the computers simulate intellectual osprocessos, organize and hierarquizam the information creating, thus, new knowledge. Computer science and the telecommunications come transforming omundo human when making possible new forms to think, to work, to live to econviver in the current world, what it will modify instituiesescolares significantly and innumerable other organizations. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. To educate for a new economic and social organization, for umanova distribution of the work, one ' ' it was of informao' '? How to prepare osindivduos to answer to the challenges of the new instrumentations techniques, to dialogue with the life, its world, its reality? Comofamiliarizar the educandos with the use of scientific models in tarefasescolares, with resources that collaborate for the expansion of the cognition human being, paraproduo of knowledge and its handling of creative and critical form? To learn making, acting, trying is the maisnatural, intuitivo and easy way to learn. This is more than what a estratgiafundamental of education/learning: it is a way to see the human being that learns.

It learns for the active experimentation of the world. For Dewey (1979), all experience human being is social and elapses deinteraes, where they are involved external conditions, or objective, internal econdies. Thus, it considered the social environment and the education comofatores of progress, has even so not emphasized the historical perspective dedesenvolvimento of the individual. However, it accented that the actions of the people socontroladas for the global situation where they participate and they act, cooperatively, inside of the community. The school constitutes a community when the citizens quedela participate have the chance to contribute with the work, feeling-seresponsveis for the execution of the shared activities.