Database Management System “SQL Server 2005 For Internet .

November 23, 2017


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In the commercial area, the Database Management “SQL Server claimed after the introduction of the market quickly in 2005. This electronic data that can also be very large to be managed systematically, that is, they are processed and stored and made available to other users and users according to their needs available. If necessary, you can book on this topic, training. The SQL server has the third largest storage capacity currently available in database management systems. The SQL Server 2005 was developed over the previous version from 2000.

He includes, for example, two tools less, which were replaced with just one. This new tool is called SQL Server Management Studio, which replaces the Enterprise Manager (graphical tool for managing and programming) and the Query Analyzer (tool for managing and optimizing). Using this management system it is possible to relatively easily, both internal and external systems to . Integrate Thus, for example, several users work with the program. This work can span multiple platforms and devices. The communication between multiple management systems is with the SQL Server 2005, relatively simple. This may support both relational and XML data.

This allows companies to store their data in the format that best meets them and with which they can work best. Other formats, such as HTTP or SOAP are supported by the program. In particular for the analysis of data using the SQL Server 2005 is an advantage. There, the data of several similar sources are filtered and integrated. Then the analysis can be done. This can be carried out on various operating systems. This is so far favorable than that available in an analysis of the data to be evaluated in the same way.