Current Trends

January 19, 2012


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A. Fashion and styles of interior design "Fashion always reflects reality and is closely followed. In our life consists of technological progress, and acute problem of ecology, democracy and globalization. Humanity badly feels the transience of life because of something and increases the value of human existence and comfort. In addition, increased culture and material well-being, and certainly ambitious. We – individuals, aristocrats and intellectuals – are becoming bolder and freer.

All this will certainly affect the way we live and, with respect to the subject, affect, and in our house. So what should be home today modern man? Of course, each of us, chooses the conditions in which it exist and what style to follow. But we live in the 21 century, and must use the unique capabilities of modern life. B. Luxury and wealth today in interior fashion dominates luxury! But now the luxury you need to add technology: LED, printing from digital media, nanotechnology, and stereolithography … News and exaggerated, even huge – furniture and decor items. Also, again popular attributes such luxuries as stucco and brilliance, but brilliance is not as open as before, but aged and hearts. Carving, engraving, antique patina …

In honor such interior styles as eclectic and fusion, which combine the different textures, objects, style solutions, and even culture. Past, present and future intersect today in a temporary space. There are "glam-baroque" and "soft minimalism". Designers draw Today my eyes in the 50's – 80 years. They are interested scratched and chipped things with history, vintage items on the shabby …