Cellulose Technology

July 13, 2018


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One of the most critical moments in the decision to build a country house – a question the correct choice of home construction and the material of which it shall be made. Future owners want the house was warm and cozy, the rooms were full of light and fresh air. Wooden house holds have all the necessary qualities of the house with natural comfort. But as it turns out the house in which the basic building material is a tree, too, are different. It's about building modern wooden houses on the skeleton-square log construction technology of wooden houses – Skanditek, technology is embodied in the reliability and durability houses made of massive logs and all the advantages of frame construction. One of the main advantages, which is the reason for the popularity of this technology abroad – it is energy saving and environmental friendliness. Home really very economical to operate and warm at no additional cost to the insulation or the sheathing of wooden walls with artificial materials. All that is used to build houses on this technology – Only natural materials.

The essence of technology lies in design, which is a bulk carrier frame with outer walls made of dry-profiled bar, while the corners are made of log laminated board and give the home is not only strength but also the magnificent appearance of traditional wooden houses from timber. Walls of the house are not cracked, the house does not shrink, it does not "lead" over time. Benefits homes Skanditek manifest and in the process of construction, and operation. Build a wooden house is possible without a technological break and without reserve gaps at windows and doors needed to compensate for the shrinkage of the framework. Respectively, to finish interior decoration, as well as the laying of internal networks can begin immediately after the assembly of the house. The advantage of the houses on technology Skanditek can be attributed the presence of a large selection of options for finishing the interior and possibility of laying flush Electric communications.

Volumetric skeleton, the use of laminated beams, columns, pillars and composite trusses allows you to create comfortable outdoor spaces, rooms with a "second light". Particularly I want to note and dignity of modern insulation – an environmentally friendly material, the product of special processing of pulp – Cellulose fiber, environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies. The structure consists of a heater natural products: fire retardants and preservatives, which prevents mold and mildew, and also reduces the risk of fire. Undeniable advantages of houses, manufactured by technology Skanditek: material houses – north Karelian forest of high quality homes do not shrink, after assembling the house ready for the laying of internal networks and the fine finish strong room house with a magnificent appearance insulation properties exceed building regulations in their homes can easily change the internal layout easy and safe installation and maintenance of internal engineering communications technology Skanditek allows you to create beautiful modern wooden houses economical to operate, very warm and comfortable, healthy, devoid of weaknesses inherent in a log house and square log houses.