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January 15, 2016


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Many showrooms now signed contracts with banks, and representatives of the latter often make out car loans on the spot, in the cabin. In this set of documents required is minimal: a driver's license or passport, Some cases may require more information on incomes. Since the scope of the car loan is actively developed, for many banking institutions in such a situation – a real chance of consistently high income in the form of interest paid by borrowers. More info: Kam VedBrat. And that characteristic is most often taken credit for new cars and, consequently, accordingly benefits are significant. Taking the form of car loans, you should pay attention to the number of conditions.

First of all, the driving experience for young people with less than 2 years will be most beneficial program of so-called interest-free loan, which essence consists in installment payments, but such conditions, the amount of down payment varies from 30-50%, and car insurance can fly a lot of money. Another form of the loan – a classic credit – intended for people in more mature and with great driving experience. In this case, the cost of insurance is much lower, as well as down payment, but interest rate rises to 12%. As for car insurance. The most popular were and remain Hull policies that have contracts on two fronts.

The first – the insurance against theft, and the second-insurance against damage. In accordance with these customers to choose between two types of policies – a complete hull, which includes self insurance against damage and theft, and a partial hull, where the car is insured only against damage. Regardless of the type of policy in the contract the company agrees to provide the client with the following services Compensation: payment of insurance, car repairs and the company itself and compensation costs for the driver itself (ie, their own money) to make repairs. There are two forms, which are held insurance payments. First – this is an aggregate in which the amount of compensation decreases with each insurance case to the amount of damage, and the second – neagregatnaya when the amount of payments remains unchanged, but the client is obliged to pay 5-25%. At calculating the cost of insurance, based on numerous factors: driver age, experience, age machine, its technical characteristics, etc. In order to determine even approximately the cost of insurance, you can Hull use a calculator, which is the official web site.