Brothers Strugatsky

December 30, 2015


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Remember the long-awaited Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl? On the game was a lot of controversy and negative reviews, but still played. First of all, I was wondering what there narazrabatyvali domestic authors. Second, many of the game attracted the intrigue of the book Brothers Strugatsky: stalkers, bolts, rotating ring anomalies (presented in Shadow of Chernobyl in large quantities). Rejoice, fans of stalkers in stalker clear sky awaits the prequel storyline of the first game. Developments deployed for several months before the legendary Wake Marked One’s shop Sidorovich. Hero mercenary named Scar (of course, with a scar across his face, that, coupled with the inherent stalkerskim hood gives it a considerable similarity to the thief Garrett – a hero of the famous series) is sent into the Zone in order to find and kill a friend to us in the first part of the stalker’s Arrow.

In the first episode, the player meets a new group – the soldiers’ cleaner Heaven “- a research organization that studies the Zone. The old “Liberty” and “duty” has already been formed, and is currently in a state of bitter war. The closer to completing their mission right by the main character stalker more frequently the scene of skirmishes naskriptovannye, and the mass of these scenes are. War groups is to fight for a point-areas. We operate on a simple scenario: given the task of – came – shooting – shot dead with enemy thugs kits – and won respect – go to the next point. The player is not relaxed, the game periodically “respawn” opponents have seized about points. Warm greetings to you, GTA San Andreas. However, special risk of involvement in these and any other shootings, the hero will not feel: like Shadow of Chernobyl, STALKER Clear Sky is particularly obtuse AI: during the battle, the enemy could easily turn his back or side to you, cease-fire, or simply freeze in place, without paying you any attention.

Against the background of an unbalanced financial component, this stupidity of AI makes the game quite well, too simple. For little money you can order an upgrade standard weapon to level his performance with the performance of most bonus guns. And why, then, was to create those same bonuses, additional quests, and special recipes-stick (bonus stuff, and serious improvements to your bronekostyum “without a prescription not issued”)? For the sake of fetishism? The verdict would have been clearly negative, if not story line with many referring to Shadow of Chernobyl, and, of course, to the worlds Strugatsky. Always nice to reminisce.