Boletus Gruzdev

April 30, 2014


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In addition to such a walk can hardly prepare intelligently: if you mix up with Boletus Gruzdev, then the "birthday boy" will be able to show off their knowledge. And if your mushroom-hunt "is over eating strawberries, then no one because this does not get upset, right? 🙂 Dream come true from childhood can be and travel "to faraway lands." Of course, "Around the World in 80 Days" Nobody is going to go. But fly to the coast to see his own castle, albeit a little out of the sand is quite possible. Less expensive way to see the world will be a trip to the nearby town for the weekend. With the Internet, you can easily find a couple of hours to learn all the most famous tourist destinations, buy tickets and book a hotel room.

Our entire conversation is dedicated route "to the fairy tale" for one person, but sometimes you can take with loved ones. Sometimes to be happy, do not need to go anywhere: home will be pleasant and simple "Day of idleness." Stock up on "goodies" and possible ways to spend time. Try combine all the holiday dinner, or make opponents in board games. You can half-lying on the couch and watch comedy on dvd, and you can get a photo album and laugh together over the baby pictures. And the last. Do not forget to stop the happy moments! In addition to photographs in this will help you to different "stuff" type of ticket from the museum, shops, check a piece of ribbon from the "Tree of Wishes", labels with purchased items and wrapping paper gifts.