Amount Cost

November 6, 2011


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For the purpose of calculation and thus employees the amount earned over time with a sign 'Supplement to the average', the user should press the button 'Create the destination charges for the initial documents' and select' Generate accrual for bonuses. " At this mode, personnel with the report card time with a sign 'supplement to medium' or 'light work' (depending on the value of 'Creating extra cost to the average' on the edit form system-wide information) to the tab 'Charges for surcharges' panel will add more information calculated duplicate charges involved in calculating the amount paid at the average wage. You can check the resulting calculation for each employee. If necessary, on this tab, you can remove the extra charges, or to make adjustments to the calculated amount in a standard way. When you send a payment received in settlement department for the purpose of calculating the amount and the additional cost to the average wage, you can print and submit to the accounting department document 'Statement of charges for the additional cost to the average' which contains the transcript of the amounts assessed for each employee.

An example of the formation of additional cost to the average worker in the new method, which has PTAs 5.35 UAH. Worked during the month: time – 127 hours., 8 of them per hour. with a surcharge to the average, by the piece (individual outfits) – 32 per hour., of which 32 per hour. on rates with a surcharge to the average wage, night-time – 8:00., 8 of them per hour.