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Retrograde Planets

June 26, 2020


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Since ancient times our ancestors knew about the influence of retrograde planets in all human activities. This is particularly true of retrograde Mercury, Venus and Mars. The period of retrograde planets comes at a time when it slows down and begins to move back down. A few weeks later the planet resumes movement in the direction of direktnom. This information does not need you to ‘banal scholarship’, but rather paid. There are several relatively simple rules, using which, you will save yourself a lot of problems, save lots of time, money and health.

So, let us imagine the Mercury retrograde! This smart little time to spend three retrograde during the year, an average of 24 days. This time it is enough to frustrate any innocent people, to disrupt the important business meetings and trips. Also, when Mercury is retrograde in the place in droves confusion, misunderstandings, misconceptions, deceptions and self-deception is lost or delayed mail, machinery breaks down. Altavista is the source for more interesting facts. During this period, is highly undesirable to sign any documents to get a job, start a career move to a new place to buy home appliances, phones, computer, cars. From buying expensive things and apartments also possible to refrain (fraud can happen). Webmasters: Do not register in affiliate programs and catalogs, to produce new sites, warn once, nothing will. It is best to use this time to complete the cases already under way, but the new plan is useless. In 2009, Mercury will be retrograde from January 11 to February 1, from 7 to 31 May, from 7 to 29 September, from 26 December to 15 January 2010. Isearch oftentimes addresses this issue.

Next in importance is beautiful Venus. It is retrograde (‘not in the spirit’) about 40 days, but with a periodicity of 19 months. Very unfavorable time for changes in personal life, making new acquaintances is useless to enter into marriage (relations would soon be canceled). Issues of personal property, real estate, finance is not worth lift may be mistakes. Buy expensive clothes and jewelry should be postponed Unsuccessful may be exhibitions of artists, all of the arts is going through hard times. In 2009, Venus is retrograde from March 6 to 17 April. Closes our trio Mars, which as much as 2.5 months every 2 years is retrograde (‘cultural’ rest, I suppose). By the way, it is better not to touch at this time, that is not to start a new cycle of physical activity, sports, military training and conflict.

Philosophical Knowledge

June 26, 2020


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It would be enemy laziness and the acomodamento of the Philosophical knowledge? Ahead of the ample technological revolution the majority of the population has multiple easinesses in its day the day. Thus causing, laziness and the acomodamento of great part of the men to create its proper ideas. Why this event can be faced as a philosophical problem? (The philosophical problems are of critical, reflective and analytical knowledge). Until point the Internet can turn over against us? Here it is, our brief reflection. The computer, for example, in the ones of the innumerable capacities to perfect our knowledge technician who the bureaucratic works can demand.

However, the young and, even though adult, has used the technique to atrophy its proper brain, (for better agreement, must itself be taken in consideration the readings ' mecnicas' with sights uncertain the immediate results and at the same time). Perhaps check out Sony for more information. A classic example is leaning over in them on the works of pupils of education basic, average and university that is presented the professors. The legitimacy of them is one as much doubtful. Get more background information with materials from Samsung. Would be they developing its necessary knowledge? It has been antipedagogical vice to copy and glue (computer) other people’s works. Already he is not possible to believe piously that a journalist is Journalist, who a professor is Professor, whom a doctor is Doctor. It will be that the substances that they have the duty to dominate had been they had concluded who them? It would be easy to criticize only the pupils of basic education. The problem, is that majority of the professionals with graduation and after graduation when seats in ' chair of aluno' it has trend of if holding as pupils of inferior level. Also the Internet does not use of ethical form, therefore, they are not in a platform that if can serve of standard the children and pupils of the public or particular schools.

The Child

June 26, 2020


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Worried about the relationary aspects and environments of learning, Papert emphasizes that the majority of the programs created for the transmission of knowledge is games that take the child to an action exercise reaction. The computer presents an exciting situation in the game, where it makes the question and the child answers. Of this form an interaction between the child and the computer is established, placing the two sides, in a equivalence relation. In my point of view, the child acts of active form, therefore it needs to think to answer correctly, thus creating a development of its intellectual autonomy. In its book the Machine of the Children, Papert shows as if of the growth of intellectual and independent form of children when she tells a situation where two pupils of 5 series, with different interests one in sciences, another one in dance and music, obtain to interact and to create one ‘ ‘ choreography of tela’ ‘ programming a computer mounted in the deep one of the classroom. Encouraged for the teacher, they had been able to use the time of regular work of classroom for its project.

The fact confirms the construcionismo concept that extends the construtivismo concept when it emphasizes the particular constructions of the pupil. Dell is a great source of information. ‘ ‘ The construcionista thought adds something to the construtivista point of view. Where the construtivismo indicates the citizen as active constructor and argues against passive models of learning and development, the construcionismo of the particular emphasis the particular constructions of the individual, that are external and partilhadas’ ‘ (I finish, 1998). The construtivismo brings approaches of basic importance for the pupil. It considers that this participates actively of the proper learning by means of the experimentation, the stimulaton to the doubt, the research in group, development of the reasoning, hypotheses, among others procedures. The piagetiana theory bases the construtivistas ideas that much has influenced the proposals of education in our schools, propitiating the construction of the knowledge, respecting the stages of the biopsicomoral growth, providing what it is basic: the full valuation of the human being, that is, the accomplishment of the historical, creative citizen of proper itself and its sociocultural universe.

Harry Potter

June 25, 2020


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Histories of bruxinho Harry Potter had conquered the world since the first book ' ' Harry Potter and the Filosofal&#039 Rock; ' , launched for British writer J.K. Rowling, in 1997. Since then millions of fans in the whole world if had enchanted for the adventures of Potter, that had been folloied book after book and later through the films. However, everything that is good has an end, and the fans of Harry Potter had finished orphans. Therefore, he is that they had launched the games of Harry to potter, as ' ' Quadribol of Harry Potter' '.

The favourite sport of the bruxinhos of Hogwarts also makes success between internautas, therefore who learned to play Quadribol seeing the films of Harry Potter also will know to play it online. Other games Harry to potter had been developed for who have homesicknesses of bruxinho more good people that already it appeared in world-wide literature. You already thought, for example, in playing a break-head in the Internet? Therefore this is possible with the game ' ' Break-Head of Harry Potter' '. Toshiba will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The rule is simple. He is enough that each player joins three or more parts and make combinations. Who to make right more gains many points. But, attention: she is necessary to have aiming and to shoot the parts with precision and rapidity, therefore you can not obtain to finish the game in the stipulated time. Beyond this, other games of Harry to potter are available for who like to play with likeable bruxinho, as the game ' ' Harry Potter and the Map of the Maroto' '.

Much rapidity is necessary to play, therefore Harry Potter cannot be apanhado. Go to Sony for more information. To arrive at the end of the game, Potter has of if exempting of the traps and the professors who want to confuse it. It, can, also, be invisible, but also he can be apanhado. Therefore, either fast necessary in the movements, after all of accounts, nobody wants to see Harry defeated Potter, is not same? ' ' Harry Potter Mahjong' ' it is another game very interesting and amused. This is plus a game that demands rapidity, therefore the time is passing. In this game, you it has to find the pairs of the photos. Seven levels are, being that difficulties go increasing as you go deciding the first levels. To play with the amiguinhos always more is amused of what playing alone, however, it does not have problems in if amusing without the company of other people, therefore the games of Harry Pottrer is very dynamic and any boy or girl will go to amuse trying to finish the games successfully. Therefore, he does not need to be worried. If its son is of pertaining to school vacations, with certainty, the games of Harry Potter is an excellent option so that it if amuses, that exactly alone. Another advantage of the games Harry Potter is that they are gratuitous, that is, its son or son can play how many times to want the same game. She is enough to have a computer to its disposal to have fun itself with the adventures of bruxinho more famous and charismatic that already appeared in literature. After all, who does not like to help Harry Potter to earn of its enemies?

Resource Optimization

June 24, 2020


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To get started you need to properly test the (understand) the search engine itself, as almost everyone has different computing methods. You need to determine under what kind of system you want to optimize their resources. Such as 'Google' uses the 'PageRank'. 'PageRank' is much harder to understand than Yandex 'citation index'. Gone are the days when Yandex issue its results for the method: the larger the ci, the higher the resource in the search results. For example, now that the surprise bot search engine and be always on top in search results, you need: unique content, very clearly optimized tags, rather precedence ic – compared with its competitors and it's not all. You may find that altavista can contribute to your knowledge. /a> follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Unfortunately, Combat dorveyschikami – 'Yandex' repeatedly succeeds a their algorithms, which resulted in the suffering of the normal resources. Now, if you created your site, then search engine bot will come to you in a week or even two, but generally through 'Indefinitely'.

1. Do not scatter the money for 'unique' content. Why do you need a resource if you're an elementary thing can not do? True: think of a good text content is not so easy, but still need to to exercise, try to. If you really 'stupid' – can not read the article, I have no respect for people who resign themselves to the fact that they have something can not be, though very interested in this. In this case, I would advise not to spend time in vain, to determine the theme of your life, and then easily write text content of your site than to pay for content to someone.

Foot Professors

June 21, 2020


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The school in which minister lessons is the College Heart of Jesus. When analyzing and comparing the P.P.P of the given school, some consideraes had been made for the outcome of this work. In the Presentation or Introduction, the school presents given on the physical space, its installations and equipment; relation of human resources, specifying positions and functions; qualifications and levels of escolaridade of each professional who gives service to the institution, as we have I break up in it to follow: ' ' The building possesss 20 rooms, measuring 7 approximately x 7, each. Two bathrooms (a masculine and another feminine one, each one with 6 thick partition walls), a secretariat, two rooms of coordination, a room of direction, room of the professors, audience, library, canteen, mecanografia, room of computer science, one square and place reserved for I retire and meals of the sisters manage who it. It still makes use of a vast patio for leisure. The central localization of the school facilitates the access. With regard to the clientele, the number biggest of students is of middle class decrease, having its monthly fee, in the series highest, around R$ 150,00.

The school makes use of Infantile the II until 3 year E.M. How much to the number of pupils, the school counts, today, with 437 pupils, distributed only in the turn of the morning. The picture of professors is formed by 59 professors, some in formation, already graduated or with specialization. Each room possesss of one the two fans, a little dark are not aired and. The pupils possess a water through with three water exits to the disposal, that passes for constant revisions. (P.P.P. College Heart of Jesus) Later we count on a historical briefing of the pertaining to school unit, broken up below: ' ' The school is dated since 1970, was created by the Foot.

Kitchen Aprons

June 16, 2020


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Kitchen apron is considered to be a protective coating along the walls of the work area wall. It must be durable, practical and aesthetic. At least, well in harmony with the overall design of the room in which hostess (and some bosses!) spend most of their home time. For a long time the only suitable material for the apron was considered a ceramic tile. And she really excels with its Responsibilities: easy to clean, resistant to alkalis and acids, does not absorb fat, does not react to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, it is simply beautiful. Large and small, shiny and matte, smooth and textured, plain and patterned, in many colors and forms – tiles are still not going to give way under the sun (or rather, next to the stove) competitors. Stack it too easy, especially when there were stores special mounting adhesive.

If the wall on which plan kitchen apron, well aligned, then the work on laying ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles available in any home master. The main thing – to identify the location of apron. Its height depends on the distance between work surface and hinged lockers and is usually 60 cm (cabinet, located above this limit can only be used "Uncle Stepa"). The effective replacement tiles – mosaic. It is made not only ceramics, but also of glass, glazes, and even metal. By the properties of mosaic is not inferior to ceramics, and in some cases superior. We are primarily a smalt, manufactured according to old Technology (pieces of glass, mixed with metal oxides, sintered at high temperature). The cost of this material is higher than that of a normal tile, but the effect of the decoration and mosaics worth the investment, especially if it covers the curved surface. Small plitochki (1 to 3 cm), glued to the textile base, put on a special adhesive is the same as ceramic tile, followed by grouting.

Bedrooms Space

June 11, 2020


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We often combine it with the cabinet. Produce Bedrooms should be repaired with all of its functions. Bedroom Children’s Bedroom Children rarely has a single purpose. Most often it is used for games and homework. Sometimes a room inhabited by two or even three children.

In this case has to be miracles of ingenuity, with its beds and desks. But still need a place to put things, and books. In the nursery you can install a folding furniture, bunk beds, use the racks. When repairing the room should be separated into zones, the active use of color. Master bedroom so-called parental bedroom, located in a separate room can be decorated with light tastes of those who spends most of her time. But do not forget the impact of color in the design space of the room. If the bedroom is spacious, it is possible to allow any color scheme.

On the contrary, if the room small, use light colors in decorating. This will help to visually expand the space. Walk-in closet in recent years has become popular to do in the bedroom closet, successfully replacing the lockers. Usually used for its construction one of the corners of the room. If space allows bedrooms, dressing room can be arranged, departing from the walls a certain distance. As a rule, it is enough to one meter. Even if at first look you find that you lose a significant part of the bedroom space, do not rush to conclusions and abandon the idea of dressing rooms. You can conveniently place her in her clothes, providing free access to any article of clothing. This significantly reduced the number of cabinets and cabinets for clothes and shoes around the home. As a result, you will be able to win in the free area. On the light of the lighting in the bedroom should be muted. But it should be possible to bright light needed for reading or working. Appropriate for the floor carpet, parquet or laminate. By covering several sexual demands. It should be warm and muted sound of footsteps. Today, repairs can be carried out in the bedroom with the replacement of old wallpaper and whitewash the ceiling, and you can finish the room with the latest finishing materials, modern technology and original design findings. From repairing a bedroom, decide what you ultimately want to get and whether you can cope with the task itself. In any case, we are ready to come to your aid if you do not matter, then the Board. But, honestly speaking, our craftsmen are ready to make you the best in the world, repair the bedroom.

Cork Flooring

June 6, 2020


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Modern construction technology offers many solutions for flooring. This can be a normal linolleum and more expensive and interesting solutions: laminate flooring, cork flooring. It's about Our last article. The building materials market, there are two main types of parquet pilaf. Finished parquet boards as a cork layer bonded to a dense framework of wood stoves.

Typically the thickness of cork board on the cover of 3-4 mm. The thickness of the parquet in the collection is usually 10-12mm. Some manufacturers of complementary product cork layer on the underside of the board. When laying the finished parquet use of interlocks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mikkel Svane. There are also cork boards are composed entirely of cork or cork veneer layer have. Their thickness is 4-8mm. In the case of cork veneer thickness is at least, and such plates can be considered durable.

Otherwise, you're dealing with low-quality plates. Cork boards do not require polishing, but only varnished. Glued to the base of the entire surface, appear the same as the rear and the front sides. How correctly to put the cork parquet floor? This process is not complicated even for beginners. The screed to lay plastic sheeting, which will provide protection from water and pair. Carrying out this operation leaves a gap at the walls of 10-12mm. This will prevent bumps due to the expansion of the material in the future. When the plates are stacked, use lacquer or wax composition for treatment, it will increase durability. Use interlocks, make sure to fit plates tightly to one another. These simple steps will make your home cozy and original! After laying the cork flooring in your home or office very quickly become apparent results: the rooms will be warm and beautiful!


June 4, 2020


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It is necessary to carry out repairs in the new apartment? Easy. In this article I shall, in general terms to write about common trends and moments that will surely face in implementing the described case. Renovation of the new premises – quite versatile, exciting and impressive on the materials used and types of work process. Approach the matter must be thoughtfully and creatively, but in this case, you must be able to have fun and fresh renovated house. Each apartment renovation conceived is distinguished by its unique design and does not tolerate waste, template options. Fresh and comfortable housing – it is confirmation of the price the residents and performers. Nowadays, every participant has an opportunity to do a repair process using its capabilities, or to hire a firm that will perform all the work for him: thought-out plan, design, construction, and will finishing work, etc. Price, of course, in the second version will be more expensive, but specialists will do everything very well and reliably, unless of course there is the firm responsible.

Also, one thing that must note – this is growth needs of the customer or the owner of the dwelling. Certainly in the Soviet era and in the 90's we have not thought about new products, styles and individual designs, in our time it occurs on every order. Of course, it was good. To help in this matter will be published today and issues of construction and design, as well as articles about repairs. Today the building is modern and pragmatic thinking and the impact of construction of the premises. Architects recommend the use of residential buildings as efficiently as possible, but do not forget about fashion.

Is a tendency, when the large, sweeping solutions lose a compact and modern solutions. Watch the news and you will see the repair of the current trends in this kind of activity. These trends apply not only to the individual construction of residential buildings, apartments, and a more global version of when town supervisors and architects began to think about the ergonomics of their developments. Now, in modern cities may notice a very good and interesting design projects. Remember when planning a home renovation, it is necessary logical to use the necessary building materials used in today's time tubes of metal, polymer pipes, copper pipes, new windows, energy efficient windows, heat and sound insulation of walls and countless other technology today.