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Building A Secure WiFi Network

November 30, 2015


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Part 1. Little about the security vulnerabilities of wireless networks cause lies in the principle of their work: to intercept data transmitted over the air, much easier than with conventional cable connection. It does not require expensive equipment and achievable using a conventional laptop, a pair of hacking tools (such as airodump and aircrack) and good instructions on hacking wi-fi (for example). Therefore, the wireless network should be as protected from the various kind of attacks: unauthorized connections, traffic interception and listening, theft of important information, 'false' access points, etc. To date, the most reliable wireless network is recognized security standard wpa (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Primary protection wi-fi network can be achieved through the mode WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key), when the access point and the computer user to manually enter the session key – Pre-Shared Key, reminiscent of the usual password. The potential vulnerability of WPA-PSK arises from the fact that in real networks, the key phrase is rarely changed and the same for all users. If time permits, and a powerful computer to select a password in the cellar.

Better protection network is achieved when using wpa Enterprise, which is installed in the network authentication server (RADIUS server), performs verification of user access rights. In this case, the wireless access point will block all connect to a wireless network up until entered by the user name and password to be checked for authentication server. If the user does not have a database of radius server, it can not connect to wi-fi network.

Engineering Networks

November 28, 2015


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Life made you think of purchasing Channel cleaning vehicles. Who are you? The head of the municipal enterprise operating engineering networks? Entrepreneur, linking his success to improving the state of these networks? And, perhaps, the head of the city? We do not know. But before each of you a question – what kind of car to choose? To help, we must first know what the network expected to maintain this car (urban sewer or drain, or maybe engineering services company), their length, pipe diameters and much more. Even the type of machine (sewer machine, or a combination Ilosos), not just its size may be adjusted depending on these conditions. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. Much of the technology is determined by the content network. Thus, in most Russian cities during the operation of sewerage networks to traditional technology of hydrodynamic flushing with diffuse pollution transport by gravity through pipes to the sewage treatment plant. It requires only a sewer machine. Especially because they have successfully addressed and the elimination of emergency blockages in the pipes.

Recently, however, has been a trend to reduce the volume of urban wastewater in sewer networks. Some parts of the network appear to lack the ability of carrier flow that leads to siltation. To fix it, to remove impurities from the purified razmyvaeyh site along with sewer must apply Cesspool emptying trucks, or instead of a combination that has both sewer and Cesspool emptying equipment. The content of urban sewage systems is more difficult. Compared with domestic sewage in them tend to accumulate more contaminants and transporting flow liquid depends on the weather. The main difficulty is dozhdepriemnyh cleaning wells. Therefore, gutters Network washed intervals (from well to well) with links from sewer and Cesspool emptying Combined machines or machines. Industrial companies often have their sewer and drain networks of limited length. It should first consider the application of universal combination machine.

Pendulums Social Networks

November 24, 2015


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For reflections on this topic prompted me to name the branches on the forum transerferov: Pendulum vkontakte. Give you my energy to it? Damn. And again, I opened my eyes. Kai-Fu Lee often says this. Literally insight for insight. Never steamed himself the question contacts and Facebook, and yet essentially social networks, it's a pendulum in the classic sense – organizovannnye structure, an exciting thought and consciousness of people. Just a few years ago nobody knew about the contact, Friendster, My World, etc., and only the most "advanced" have accounts on Facebook or myspace.

But foreign resources are mainly aimed at English-speaking audience and did not find broad support in the CIS. It was then that a Paul Durov and skommunizdil copied Facebook, making the site OpenID. Now have a profile on a social network as naturally as for example, carry a cell phone, ICQ or be a user of Skype, etc. etc. So say, a new attribute, without which a person is a heretic and obscurantism in the information community. Now, when meeting the girls often ask the question: you are in contact or classmates? So, we already understand that VKontakte, the pendulum and the devil's creation, which haunts us every day, tears off from work and takes thought, literally making bed awake. It comes just before senility: because irrepressible DC shareniya staff contact (classmates), administrators of corporate networks block access to these resources. And only the most brainy know how to go back through the proxy))) But, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

Through Contact / classmates, many older people find their friends, classmates and fellow students with whom I studied and worked in the Soviet Union. Summary: each decide how much time and energy to give pendulums social networks. You can live it up without thinking to a contact, you can skillfully use the resource for their own purposes. For example, the use of adjacent resource job search, or download your favorite tunes, or look for interesting infu. Source: Your Path to Enlightenment


November 7, 2015


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Ten confidence in you, believes in you, ten faith in you, by all means also in God, will abrir the doors to you, but it depends on you, " To God requesting and with the mallet dando" , you do not hope that the things arrive single, you must go by them. Enfcate in your objectives without distractions. Creative, everything is not written here, is not necessary to follow a manual of procedures, innovating, the world gives returns and always it is changing, generates your own ideas, clear it is not to improvise lightly, it is necessary to analyze, to see beyond which we can see at first, visualizes, projects and develops your own strategies. To eliminate the negative thoughts, you are not scared when advancing, is necessary to take risks, if you want to change your future changes your present one first. Visit Mashable for more clarity on the issue. You never say I cannot, the best dream is not that one that can be dreamed or be imagined, but the one that can be obtained, so it dreams in great, but hazlo reality, if the man is what if thinks, then thinks about great, you can obtain it, your you have absolutely all the capacities that you need to be successful, you only must use them and put them in practice. Enthusiasm and perseverancia towards which you want to obtain. It changes, it removes to the sweepings and reemplzala by new, revsate you yourself, obsrvate, convirtete in your own judge but it does not stop juzgarte, no, so that you only can see that there is of evil in you, objectively, so that you can change it, every day better than you were the previous day. Your Success in the Network original Author and source of the article..