What Photoshop Does to our Society!

December 19, 2016


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I heard this commentary on television recently of a woman, who had won the prize for being Model for a Day “, a reality show very commercial, and in my opnion, very superficial. In it the participants are selected to be models for a day. After suffering uan drastic transformation, which completely destroys their personality, the women may wear the shoes, clothing and jewelry more expensive. After hours with the stylist, classically gay, an image consultant, a professional fashion designer and photographer, who does wonders with Photoshop, you already realize because the TV gods are so beautiful. In fact, long ago there was much fuss when several movie stars, confessed that they resorted to the magic of digital camera, of course before and mandatory plastic surgery to look perfectly beautiful, obviously unrealistic, as this charge is not exists.

The fact is, we must recognize that this is more a product of a context and a specific culture, that of a standard universal.For an aesthetic example, the Greeks had as an ideal of female beauty, a woman with wide hips, and what we would call very plump , look at the sculpture of Venus of Milo. In the European Middle Ages was that of a white woman too, as it seemed, to us today, a ghost. The Japanese have their “geisha UML, which are more beautiful in look whiter. and so on, the beauty varies according to location and culture course. This reminds me of an African tribe, where men are engaged in a beauty contest, for wife. During the competition they dance, and move the eyes from left to right, paint their faces with bright colors and always smiling, showing very white teeth. The more white the better, as this is a sign of good health, and of course beauty.Believe that this would be the equivalent of the Western female beauty contests.

But back to the initial question is that apart from a nice dress, some expensive jewelry, expensive shoes and some women and the We can ask for more? Practical Life tells us otherwise, beautiful women , enterprising, intelligent, all of them have a poor concept of themselves. And his whole life being unhappy. I am always struck by the emblematic case of Marilyn Monroe, had all this, but chose to kill himself because they mistakenly associate being beautiful and temporary external factors?, And to be it’s time to look within themselves at us and discover our own beauty? A few months ago I looked at the biography of a black R & B singer, who possessed no attraction physically speaking, and it is plump, but is admired and respected by Hollywood. But above all things beauty casts a very singular, , she talked about the confidence that we have women in ourselves. And his example has inspired many to appreciate, and to highlight the queen inside them, leaving to imitate unreal figures of beauties who sells us the social media. And in the end we must recognize that what makes a woman beautiful is its spirit, not physical.