Western Ukraine

March 30, 2018


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Ambitious plans for March include two major cities of Western Ukraine – namely, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. "We do everything for the comfort of our clients. Everyone who uses the service parfuMini.com.ua can appreciate our concern. We do not force the client to run on the mail for your order and bring it straight to the doorstep. Expanding courier service to major cities – a step towards our clients' – commented on the resource owner Elena Mini. Shop Online parfumini.com.ua developed quite aggressively in 2007, when buyers of haute couture perfume learned the true value of selective perfumery. In just one year the number of customers share increased by 4 thousand people. 'In a real plan for our company include expanding the customer base to 10 thousand people in 2008.

Very high expectations we place in the development of the regions. For them, a special series of planned sales of shares. Terms of delivery to the regions did not differ from those received by customers in Kiev ", – said director of marketing parfumini.com.ua Alexander Grady. It should be noted that, recently, more and more Internet resources, offering for sale perfume and cosmetic products. True, the coverage of their service, for the most part, applies only to a city (especially Kiev). So it can be argued that parfumini.com.ua added to his best price proposal is also the most advanced delivery network.