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December 9, 2014


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When I started to design my first web pages, ever imagine that as time passed I would have to spend half my time to meetings with clients. Seen from this point of view is worth devoting a few minutes to learn how to make them more productive. The meetings themselves are not bad, after all are essential for the definition of purposes, strategies, capabilities, content and tasks to be executed for the development of a web project. PLANNING, management and SEGUIMIENTOLa for key get productive meetings focuses on care of the before, during and after every appointment, if one of them fails, will undoubtedly affect the fluidity of our schedule of activities. PLAN.

As professional you should not do improvisation a habit.IT HANDLES. Do not be intimidated by the absorbent or sophisticated personality of the client, remember that you are the primary responsibility of handling the point in the meeting agenda.A FOLLOW-UP.APPROPRIATE. Gives continuity to the immediate commitments made by both parties consequences of a meeting without PLANNING through high important topics to try to deal with the increased meeting time on trivial topics projecting a little professional image to our clients leave with more questions than answers little clarity in the decisions, agreements and slopes prone Imprecision of the scope of the project more meetings than necessary prolong more than it should the time planned for the implementation of the project now I present my 9 tips to make more productive meetings with our customers: Organizes the agenda of topics to treat one of the commandments of every professional is: not improvisaras, at least not as A plan. Create your own style of planning, either prioritizing issues according to the complexity, to transcendence or by order of execution, the important thing here is having an organized guide of topics to be treated. Don’t you allow never to be the client who drive the agenda of meetings according to their availability or criterion, because it is you who has more knowledge of the tasks and runtimes, therefore, you know more about that matters is necessary to first define and that decisions are taking priority.