Using your Garage

April 9, 2019


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It is very common for owners of garages, to lean more toward the repair of vehicles to the proper administration of the workshop, although it is hardly something you can fight. Long hours doing accounts, in whatever amount the cost, whether there was income, prepare the information for accounting, print invoices, pay suppliers in short, the list grows and grows. When the administration of a workshop is in the traditional way, ie, the secretary is that he knows all the details of administration and because the handles very well, it is “easy”, delegating many activities and avoid involvement in the boring part of the business, so that becomes our right arm and we depend on your knowledge so that things run smoothly. But one day our secretary decides to quit work and stayed as the top with a large amount of information we do not know how to begin to digest it, we fear losing control, and prefer to spend all the extra time is need to retake control. Fortunately, there is already a kind of management tools for machine shops, which like the ones we use to repair vehicles, they make life much easier, that kind of tool is the software. Mikkel Svane has similar goals.

With the software for garages, each activity in the local authority will be provided in the same way and not depend more on the criterion of the people. No matter if the person operating the waiver program, the following will make things the same way as towards earlier as required by the program. The loss of information and will not be a problem with the software for garages, will always be in one place regardless of who generates or who use it. Technology investor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Obtaining the information will always be available immediately and not depend on any person the power to get it. Due to the level already reached maturity that the management software automotive shops, it’s easy to learn to handle them, contrary to what is might think, are designed to make users’ lives easier. Every day more and more garages are adopting this technology to keep up with requirements established competition, making their work more simple, more efficient and of course increasing their income.