User And Customer Experience In The Social Media Field

December 26, 2014


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Identify potential in the social media section and use social media can some! Social media as a source of innovative ideas and customer feedback can be very well used especially in the area of management of the experience, which includes the planning and control of the holistic, emotional experience of customers (customer experience) and user (user experience). The user always in focus, social media is an important tool to get with comparatively little effort on qualitative feedback from end users and actual users. Because the feedback from the customer and user counts for a successful and long-term optimal business strategy. Contact points of social media and user experience is primarily in three areas: information retrieval, the social media presentation of a company and its evaluation. “Intelligence: social media input, insights and innovations provides answers to questions such as, for example, what problems or potentials are discussed by the community?” or what expectations, emotions, opinions and Mood pictures have user to my product or my service? “.” This information can be collected using a social experience analysis and give the chance to estimate, specifically, where (some already acute) action is required company. Also in the area of innovation management, social media a useful tool can be inserted.

We conceive and design in this context Web-Testcommunities, zones and virtual user Labs beta build and support them then. Prototypes, concepts and ideas about online remote usability testing can be evaluated with the users of these communities. So let the businesses many new ideas and concrete strategies for action derive. “, like so. Markus Murtinger, managing consultant at USECON the usability consultants GmbH. The ability to test services and ideas in the early stages of development and thus actively involve users in the innovation process, is strengthened as well by companies where innovation as a strategic goal is subject, in claim taken. It is important to point out that the user in the Center stands.