Tips Face

August 7, 2013


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Time to get down to business, things that you must and must not do in front of your galan or future galan never of jamases them let you see in your pre-production, namely makeup you or wearing you. Do not forget this may be fatal, remember the guys dislike us maquillemos in public. Even a mi no me is very nice to see my fellow makeup on the bus. Do you understand, no? Do not put face of boring for any reason, if the guy can’t tell jokes, remembers that not is important your only laughs, it works believe me. Never put face of voy a llorar, ah, that’s worse than chewing a cliche while you talk with him, the men and nobody I think, we like that they force us to do or say something that you don’t want just because someone will cry if we don’t. I agree. If salts with him also loan them all the care possible and the impossible, the man wants to always be the center of the universe, gives taste, at least until you have to ring on your hand. Do not talk about topics that belong only to the girls, to they are not interested, so urge them is, if not try, and veles face.

If they invite you for a drink, the first refuse, if that will make you see very decent, if you insists accepts, not like you do you pray, takes but a little, just a little eh, that you will only see more friendly and closer to him. Seventh. Don’t try to marry you jealousy talking to other guys, that only happens in novels, good sometimes happens, but not always, so you better be sure.