The System

November 23, 2014


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It will be able to be the entrance of social sciences and human beings in general here, specifically, Sciences of the Education in interdisciplinaridade with the Philosophy for, through the reflection, if to equate the challenges of the future, that are many and complex. It will fit to ask, where will be able the Philosophy to guide? Its contributo for the education and formation of the person human being, is valued will be possible to adapt it as being: ' ' an instrument of fight and of criticizes against all the sectarismos and dogmatismos. Read more from Dermot McCormack to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Its natural ethics are of the friendship and the dialogue and are good that its teachings are defended and developed in the system educative. It would have to be present in the superior studies, whichever disciplinas.' ' (MALHERBE & GAUDIN, 1999:178) Is considered, equally important, without disdain for other domnios of the knowledge, and along with the national educative system, one another one that, nowadays, if intends each time more interventor: politician to the level of the autarchies alludes itself here to the system, as for this and clientele autarchy, inside, to the agricultural autarchy of the small local communities. With effect, given the proximity of the elect ones with the voters, these criticize and are moved away or applauded and followed the attitudes of those, whenever well-being of all is played. To this level, the evasions of the responsible local politicians are not easy Any that are the domnios where the individuals if put into motion, the personal and interrelacional dimension of the Man will be always present and it does not run away to the norms, to the behavior rules, the determined habits, customs and social traditions e, in a similar way, it will accept a set of regulations all professionals who constitute the labor body of rights and duties, including itself, in any domnios, one articulated of sanctions, are positive, in the direction of the prmio for who fulfill; they are negative, understood here as punishment for that they violate established rules. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. mes Dondero often addresses the matter in his writings.