The Art Of Fighting

December 21, 2018


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As it is written that Fighting is an art. The fight is a fight (either for sport or street), which must be designed and analyzed is known prior to a bout should not be thinking about techniques. Your Technique should be a result of your opponent. but this k tested the human brain is a machine for making images and if you tell someone NOT THINK IN THAT RED APPLE, concentrate on me, the 1st did that person was THINKING IN THE RED APPLE. There are four stages of thought. 1-Before the match 2-At the beginning of the match During the match 3-4-At the end of the fight before the fight. Seeing the physical part of our adversary (large, small, thin, strong etc.), We believe in a kind of fight to be made (in, out, blending, counter-attacking, etc.). But please That thought is just the school of combat, not governed in the same THE BEGINNING OF THE FIGHT. At the beginning of the fight begins a process of study by feints, false attacks, etc. Here we see the opponent’s current state, speed, hitting hidden technical potential, strength of scrimmage, plus check our current state, every match is different but we have fought 100 times with that rival and in our case we are not every day like there are better days by the feet, others for hand, there are leaves us not at all well, so the process of studying the battle is important.