Terms Of Bank Account Fees

June 25, 2015


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There are some bank accounts in Spain without commission. That is, accounts that offer different products and services but do not take commissions for it. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro. In general, bank accounts without commissions are offered on the Internet, and are attractive because they do not involve any charge. To read more click here: Howard Schultz. However, we must always read the fine print. Sometimes it may be more convenient to hire a bank account have some costs, but offers a good return, as opposed to bank accounts without fees that do not provide a profit. So, first of all, let's see in detail what are the fees. According to the Bank of Spain, charges are amounts that banks or credit institutions charge holders as compensation for services rendered.

Here we have a first key committees are charged as a fee, that is, the bank offers something for what it charges. The bank accounts without fees, usually do not offer many services, as more accounts are "basic." Committees can be collected all together as a single generic type uploaded, or separately, detailing in each case which commission applies and why service. Among the general characteristics of the committees, we have the character of free. This means that the prices assigned to the commissions can be made by institutions at their disposal, except in some exceptions such as early cancellation in mortgage lending. It is also important to note that the commissions can only respond to services that the bank has actually provided and that the owner has full knowledge: you can not charge fees for services that the owner has requested or accepted. Another basic requirement of fees for bank accounts is that the rates charged should be included in a prospectus to be written in a clear and easy to understand.

This documentation must also include information regarding the conditions of assessment, ie the date from which the money deposited begins to generate revenue by interest on checking or savings account. In this booklet, the amounts designated in the tariffs have maximum character: you can not charge more than what is contained in the document. If there are changes in fees for contracts of indefinite duration, as in a checking account, then must be communicated properly by notifying customers with reasonable notice. Where does benefit the account holder, the changes may apply without notice immediately. These are the general conditions which the banks should work with the committees. These will be applied, as we have seen, knowledge of the owner and consideration for services, so that the user should never be out of warning about what was going to charge. Therefore, prior to dazzle us with bank accounts without fees, the better to see what conditions they also entail, and what will be the return that we get between them. Sometimes it is best to hire an account it applies certain commissions, but offer higher wages.