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December 17, 2018


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Nowadays it is common to find us with a lot of people have quite tight agendas of working and living, that accelerated pace prevents from seeing wonderful things in this world, perhaps weeks have passed and we’re not devoting time to contemplation, see a little within ourselves. Our life goes beyond the conscious experience, there are phenomenal spiritual forces to even try to explain, however essence it is know that they exist and we form part them, then has time to make a stop at the automated pace and begin to see our world differently. One of the great pillars of transformation positive of our being is gratitude, think for a moment it is his Super ability of self-consciousness, the vast majority of creatures does not have that capacity, this is a big step to understand that we are special beings. Notice how wonderful the power of creation, flowers, animals, wind, rivers, the sea, etc. Pay attention to the smallest details, so thank for everything therefore happen that after a while he will move his consciousness to understand that everything is abundance, in the subliminal videos I won $500 a day, shows a production of gratitude, these sounds, messages and words are organized in a very special way to send stimuli to your subconscious mind that abundance already exists and that it is in you, only should be in that tune. How wonderful to take consciousness of abundance is that helps balance our life, they disappear the feelings of guilt by wish to accumulate material goods why? Because you now understand that prosperity is a spiritual state, is a personal decision and that it is possible for all, only that some people have decided to play another role, but that is not reason to justify that it does not exist, between more people understand that role then the creative force manifests itself with greater power and this is what has happened in the Nations most prosperous.

What is the positive appreciation and prosperity? It helps us to develop our talents, learn to connect our desires with the current creator of the universe and as here where the boundaries disappear, arise dramatic changes. Through subliminal videos I won 500 dollars a day, you will begin to change their own world, early changes are imperceptible, but to measure when your mind begins to accept those ideas then gradually will be observing new ways of seeing, feeling and thinking, this opens a world of opportunities and you can make an effective exchangei.e. it will bring something unique and special to the universe. The thoughts of scarcity are the biggest problems have brought to humanity, here arises the envy, bad wishes, selfishness, etc. But this does not fit into a mind that is aware of his own abilities.