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Frame Construction

Fashion for the frame construction came to us from Canada, USA and Northern Europe in early 21st-century frame house, and now with his own hands – very common phenomenon. Especially popular in the construction of frame technology single-family homes up to 3 floors and outbuildings – garages, sheds and summer kitchens. Prefab homes have many […]

Future Biofuels

However, the benefits resulting from improvements in the long run, justify the costs incurred. Biofuel of the future should be processed in some way to achieve an acceptable economic returns through the automation of thermal plants. Automation can be accomplished only if sufficient fuel homogeneous, so could be made fuel delivery system at an acceptable […]

Bonding Of Insulation Boards

Gluing polystyrene foam insulation boards to the prepared substrate should be carried out by means of adhesives. The adhesive is applied around the perimeter insulation boards stripe width from 40 to 50 mm at a distance of about 20 mm from the edge and some bread diameter from 80 to 100 mm – in the […]

Gear Pumps

Rotary pumps – pumps it out family “volume of action”, which we talked a little higher. As you know, the main working element of the rotary pumps themselves are the rotors. Due to the rotors is forced displacement of the liquid. Shift comes at a time when the rotors, as well as cams and wedges […]

The Whole

If the original ceiling is painted with lime paint or glue, and later today acrylic or synthetic, then remove the last layer is simple. Put on a ceiling wallpaper glue and cover it with plastic wrap, then there is “pack.” Secure the edges of the film with adhesive tape and leave the ceiling at night […]

The Trouble

For cold water and the outer pipe made of polyethylene, for installation – PVC pipes, hot water and heating systems to the liner, perfect tubes made of polypropylene. And the price of their significantly lower zinc metal. Of course, as an enlightened man, you know something that the trouble with them, “your brother” (wink friendly […]

Heating Systems in Russia

Installation of heating systems using heat pumps is to advanced energy-saving high-tech and in the future, be able to make a viable alternative to heating systems based on traditional energy sources in terms of scarcity and price rise. Heat pumps are widely and successfully used for the past dozen years, and their principle of operation […]