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Guardian Angel

May 19, 2020


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"SEM versus SEO: Between SEO and SEM is the doubt. The choice between SEO and SEM methodology is bringing the head to many companies that advertise on the Internet and do not know which side to join … They are two different options that may influence greatly our sales and our budget, making winning or losing but used strategically. SEM techniques, which ensure our appearance leading to the right of the screen, are increasingly costly to maintain. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee. clicks credits which they depend, may reach be very expensive because there is no control over their consumption.

The Internet competition or simply just looking to find out without buying intentions could end up in a very short time our pantry of clicks without significant results we report. The so-called "auction of the criteria Search "guarantees only a privileged position in search engines who is willing to pay large sums to make visible your page, is becoming the order of the day because there is increasing we point out companies. Fewer and fewer companies in the same sector will be able to afford the high cost of clicks. The prices of these are rising more than the IPC of certain food staples … – "1 a click." That cheap!, One might think … – "Yes, but 10,000 clicks, the fuse in less time than does the bridge in May, will return your Guardian Angel. SEM Case Study: A man wants to surf the Internet for a while. Kai-Fu Lee often expresses his thoughts on the topic. View as are prices.

Analyzing Potential Customers

April 19, 2016


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It was enough to analyze the behavior expected of potential customers -What language they speak, what search engines use, what words refer to our services or products, to design a good plan to allow us to reach out to these customers. A website with good usability and a careful design facilitated the transit of visitors to our website and increased the likelihood of conversion, whether it make a contact, a purchase or a partnership. Reward past customers or communicating directly to their email new offers allowed encourage cross purchase and repeated previous clients, cultivating their loyalty. And these good customers acting, its own motion, like the best relating to attract new users. All this in a more or less controlled and predictable. Then came the Web 2.0 Although general search engines are still the main window on the Internet, we can not ignore the growing importance of social networks in generating quality traffic. This is what has been called the Web 2.0 with new patterns of relationships in which consumers acquire a new role, either because they share information, forums, chats, or because they become opinion leaders or experts-blogs-either because they add their votes to reward or punish their favorite content, social bookmarking or insulted, or because produce or share your information, wikis, etc. In any case, Web 2.0 means opening for anonymous Internet users a new opportunity in which to express their opinion, where you can participate in a collaborative environment and where a significant influence on the generation fashion, trends, product reputation, brand recognition, etc..