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Angle Images

December 1, 2020


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Let's start it with them to sort out the details. Angle of view Angle of lcd TVs last model reaches 160-170 degrees both horizontally and vertically, and this makes the problem much less severe than it was several years ago, told us, Sergey Lozowy, deputy director of the company to install home theater systems 'Topsalon'. Apple oftentimes addresses this issue. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to this option not to buy an old bar with a smaller viewing angle. Response time Screen lcd – a screen luminal type, that is the screen that illuminates the back of the lamp, white cells and primary colors (RGB – red, green, blue), arranged in three panels of the respective colors, pass or not pass through a light depending on the applied voltage. That is why is a certain lag images (response time), especially noticeable when viewing fast moving objects, as we said Alex Rasin of 'Peace'. Response time in modern models varies from 15 ms (milliseconds, 1 ms – one thousandth of a second) to 40 ms and depends on the type and size of the matrix. The standard method of determining this time – time measurement of the total transmission unit of light to full opacity, however, measures the producers of this time in his own way, they are different (in a good side to them) interpret the concept of 'full transmission' and 'nontransmission', so that there is a question to technique of measurement. Therefore, some manufacturers specify 'average response time. " The smaller this time, the rapidly changing picture, no effects loop and overlay images.

Choosing A Washing Machine

July 15, 2012


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Washing machine today – already is not a luxury. Virtually every modern family automaton is correct assistant hostess. And who else there is simply stunning and irreplaceable in the household things, decide the question of its purchase. With a choice of washing machine help correct you will have the World Wide Web. Navigate through the network, you can read tips on choosing a washing machine, compare different versions, their features, prices, opportunities and other indicators. See electrical wiring of washing machines, their organization and mode of operation can be at specialized sites on automatic washing machines. It will not hurt Board: Pay attention to the terms of a free repair, all vendors are different and are 1 – 5 years, and be sure to choose a manufacturer whose washing machines repaired in your city. Whatever as long as possible to prolong life Basic safety requirements, the application of management principles are described clearly in the manual for your washing machine – an automaton. One slovomNe hesitate to introduce the document – it is sometimes write a fairly useful and necessary things. Maintenance of automatic washing machines – from machine installation to troubleshooting, you need to trust the experts. Adhering to these simple rules, you Avoided trouble with the automatic machine. It is understandable, it is better that these faults would have been at least, but unfortunately, the technique is a technique nothing is perfect.