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Peggy Hupenbecker

June 2, 2023


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With proper planning, it is possible to avoid stress and to create more. Every day, many people experience their personal task coping with crisis. They are facing a mountain of errands and do not know where they should tackle first. This situation is particularly difficult if the task mountain consists of transactions, which are not termingebunden. The sorting would be otherwise easy: the most urgent first and new tasks must rear stand on! Just everyday life does not work unfortunately.

Some task has an appointment, another a high importance, one more is super urgent and registration takes seemingly only a few minutes. Who keeps track and clever can check off the tasks without effort yourself to is a nose ahead of others and saves nerves. The processed mountains as successes remain visible, immensely motivated does and keeps the inner pig dog on a short leash. The Orga-block “My plan” was developed for the structured work tasks of everyday life. Tasks are registered and marked according to required timeframe and priority. Thus, there is a content-aware overview and not arbitrarily set deadlines.

“My plan” also offers a structured range for such errands that otherwise like to only be done after several attempts. My planning is much more than a to-do list and offers flexible structures for the planning of household, leisure and business. The product testers agreed that “My plan” offers a valuable alternative to those people who want to organize not only with PC and mobile. “My plan” is available in handy A6 format in the well stocked stationery trade for 4,95 EUR or about as Orga-block. There is more info and tips for better planning by Peggy Hupenbecker

How Can I Get My Partner Back?

April 25, 2023


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Verlasssen has the 3 golden rules as you get back your partner your partner and you desperately want to know how you can get him back. However, they are afraid that every additional step you do further away could drive him from. You wonder “How to get back my partner?” but secretly think that it seems to be seemingly impossible. Calm down. Like you it’s about thousands of other women every year. The good news is that pretty much every separation can be undone. You just need the right strategy; a waterproof Plan.Richtig applied, your ex will crawl quasi partner on knees, to again to come back to you. If you want to win your partner back, you have to push first of all any blame to the page.

Be clear that this isn’t about is, who’s to blame in the separation and who is not. They want him back. So you hear accusations to make him or her on it even with the typical women “head games” and “Tests” to manipulate. Write it behind the ears. Most of the abandoned women begin then to spy on your ex after, to write you with dozens of text messages a day, to call him and try all sorts of things about finding out, what he’s doing grad, with whom he meets.

and and and… Believe one we men feel confirmed even more as a result of such acts, that it was right to stop the Beziehug and think something like “Oh God, the stupid goat sucks..” And that drives him only even further away from himself. So stop immediately! Poses the following 3 golden rules golden rule Nr. 1 – let him pull certainly this is the last thing you want at the moment. But this step is the basis, if you want, that he comes crawling back to you.