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Traffic Lights With LED Technology Will Save 80% Of Electricity Consumption Environment

November 13, 2021


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The IDEA, Institute for Energy Diversification and, an agency under the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, will allocate 37 million euros over budget -17 initially to the replacement of conventional traffic lights around 100,000 (30% of existing) by others with LED technology, in order to save energy. Official site: Pete Cashmore. Traffic lights equipped with LED technology, currently only 15% 80% saving of electricity consumption, equivalent to annual savings of 90,000 megawatt (MWh) of electricity, or what is the same, the power consumption over 22,000 households. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Casey Lynch Altamont Capital has to say. They will also provide also reduce oil demand by more than 20 462 tonnes per year and prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 58,000 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide). A Plan for energy saving initiative is part of the Action Plan of the Strategy and Efficiency Savings 2008-2012 and will be implemented this year. Once completed, the plan will benefit 27 million people from 584 municipalities, which receive free technology IDEA and who will be responsible for carrying out the replacement and installation of traffic lights.

In Spain there are currently about 300,000 lights whose final energy consumption is estimated at 350 gigawatts per year (GWh), equivalent to electricity that can consume a total of more than 150,000 homes. The lights have to operate continuously, resulting in this high energy consumption and which are equipped with incandescent or halogen lamps. Currently, only 15% of them have LED technology. From simple implementation in 1995 managed to produce the green color in a diode, this technology has spread, including its implementation at stoplights. The mechanics for its implementation is a simple replacement of existing lamps, the new set of diodes.


April 27, 2021


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It not only individual emissions such as carbon dioxide for individual sections of the life cycle may are calculated”, Paladugu interview with NeueNachricht. LG Electronics understood the implications. Resource – and energy-intensive industrial agriculture, the production of Bio-plastics, as well as the composting recommended by the manufacturers are activities that cause polluting emissions. Koch Industries may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Compost plant operators not only doubt the biodegradability, they have also refuted it. The Office of waste management and municipal cleaning the city of Heidelberg reported their own composting experiments of packaging made of biodegradable materials in which biofilms were not yet composted after about six months. The composting process in the Heidelberg composting plant is limited but procedurally to ten weeks. So would the bio bags, which are used for the collection of bio-waste, mechanically sorted out with the other extraneous materials and disposed of as residual waste. The waste disposal service Esslingen stresses that bio-degradable plastic bags, such as corn starch, not in the compost bin may. The Rotte briefly at the compost plant by six to eight weeks could be a problem.

Modern compost works work so faster than the bio-plastic can disintegrate. The operators are exposed to great risk, coming Bio-plastics in the plants. It could be them banned, to distribute the compost. According to the federal goods community compost e.V. in Cologne composts more than 0.5 percent may not be from impurities. Apart from the likelihood of normal and Biokunstoffen the latter can actively contribute, that exceeded the limit for impurities. If Bio-plastics in the rotting despite contrary test results faster decay, a significant amount of small debris and scraps of film can arise, in the debt and interfering substance screening does not eliminate itself. On the operators, the most serious accident come to: the compost must be eliminated as waste for a fee. Also delivered off-specification batches should be returned. “Many cell phone manufacturers want won’t renounce the material despite the technical criticism: we try to make a contribution to save the planet, and will continue, wherever possible, on Bio-plastics”, Samsung spokeswoman Janine Rothe says the world according to the report. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web: