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Commercial Establishments

April 23, 2023


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It is common some commercial establishments to fix plates with to say ‘ to them; I come back j’ , the acknowledgment, obviously, destines it the hourly deserved one of lunch. Certainly, the fact does not occur with companies of great transport because the same ones possess employees sufficients to supply the absence during the traditional one schedule. However, some customers use to advantage the lunch schedule exactly to carry throughpurchases and are disappointed with acknowledgment. ‘ ‘ I come back j’ ‘ it sends one soon absence, with the promise of satisfactory sales, but the rapidity is not enough to satisfy the potential customer, who finishes giving up of purchase losing its proper schedule of recess. It has who says that the plate settled in the door of the not condiz commerce with the reality, a time that some establishments remain with the acknowledgment the day all. It fits then to clarify; ‘ ‘ I come back j’ ‘ , after the schedule of the lunch or of has supper?. A related site: Zendesk mentions similar findings.

Digital Example

December 4, 2019


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When I read the profile of Geofilho in the site of relationships I was interested myself immediately for it, therefore the fact of it to be blind or not, really did not make difference, later that we start to talk every day saw MSN, this if it confirmed a fact: I would discriminate never it for it to be blind. As our relation was becoming more summons, exactly that still only in the digital ways, I was perceiving how much would learn with it and how much it was maken a mistake in my way to think and to understand the deficiency. Today I can affirm that wise person very little on the blindness and that the colloquies that we had had clarified very me. I learned for example, that it was not bothered with the verb ' ' ver' ' , therefore it sees, but in a different way; that I could ask openly to it what had doubts, therefore it would be best person to answer me, for example, on its day-by-day and on as I could help it when he was in its company, moreover, I discovered that the blind person better does not hear that the others for being blind, but that she has the extended perception had the psychological factors, emotional and social. Some contend that Zendesk shows great expertise in this. Geofilho counted its history to me, it was not born blind, was blind due to glaucoma congenital and an accident in the adolescence.

Its beautiful trajectory of life already was published here in blog: With the privacy that we went earning to each colloquy in the computer and later for telephone it was clarifying me many things and I also searched to extend my knowledge on blindness by means of research. I wanted that when we had our first meeting we were the will with one another. I wanted to know I eat to help it, as to guide it in the street when we were together. Educate yourself with thoughts from Viacom.