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Restaurant First Steps

January 13, 2024


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During the six months prior to open a restaurant, you need to be made for equipping facilities for the institution. Decide what kind of equipment to be purchased for the restaurant, complete clearance of the necessary permits, construction and design documentation. Before starting construction works will obtain the necessary specifications and permission utilities, begin active cooperation with architects and contractors. Maybe in order to competently organize the cooperation with a construction company, you need the services of a lawyer who will follow up with the terms of a contract completion of construction work. Isearch will not settle for partial explanations. Begin negotiations with designer who will design the internal restaurant.

At the same time to start the search and purchase of necessary equipment, the specific composition of which depends on the structure of the menu of your restaurant. When buying equipment necessary to decide whether you look for new equipment or buy second hand, and find the best way to finance these costs: the expense of investors, loan or lease. Purchase of equipment for six months before the opening of the restaurant allows time to establish and develop the necessary equipment, even if it is made to order or require conversion to the needs of your particular restaurant. Bobby Sharma Bluestone can provide more clarity in the matter. Maybe choose the right kitchen equipment can help an experienced chef – in this case is appropriate to turn to him. By the way, if the chef in mind, the future is not a restaurateur, it’s time to actively start its search. Selection of the same menu, too, should go ahead, because all must be repeated ingridenty at least two meals.

South Korea

July 31, 2019


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In developed capitalist countries sez are created, usually in stagnant areas suffering from unemployment, with underdeveloped infrastructure. Highlighting such areas the status of zones, these governments do not focus on attracting foreign investment, and try to create conditions that encourage maximum development of existing industries that are integrated into the internal market, as well as providing additional jobs. In summary, the establishment of sez is aimed at achieving such goals as: to attract advanced in relation to national, technology, strengthening the economy by attracting foreign capital inflow of foreign currency assets, and thus , an increase in foreign exchange reserves, the saturation of the domestic consumer market, raising employment levels and workforce skills, the creation of a modern market infrastructure, rapid development depressed areas, acquisition of international experience in economic management, international business. The international practice suggests two options for the establishment of sez. Version of 'top' means that the formation of a zone is initiated by the central government and within the government program (such as in South Korea). Option 'bottom' – the establishment of sez in the order of market organization (Dominican Republic, Poland).

More rapidly developing the second version, including in mixed public-private financing. Proposal to establish a free economic zone are sent to specially designated state federal or regional authority, which, after a decision on the establishment of the zone included in the work to create conditions of its creation. Particular attention is the establishment of zones are usually given to such criteria as the selection Typically, to solve specific priority economic tasks, the implementation of strategic programs and projects.

Network Marketing

June 28, 2016


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Today, almost everyone knows what is Network Marketing, or think they know. Far ambiguous attitude to this type of activity manifest in all sectors of society. Somewhere he disparagingly called the business “housewives”, somewhere they call the notorious “pyramid”. Someone sees the network business has excellent prospects for the establishment of financial independence, and someone finds a violent imposition of questionable individuals value goods and services, decent citizens. Certainly, any kind of traditional businesses face sometimes with incorrect behavior of individual members of the business process, with false advertising and outright fraud, with tough competition. Not escaped these phenomena, and network business.

However … In recent years, important preconditions for the emergence of a sustainable trend that could in our view lead to the translation of the sphere of consumption of many goods and services to a new level. And this trend is manifested in some of the new network companies, representing the modern universal marketing plans. Gain insight and clarity with Kai-Fu Lee. What is this trend and what is its importance in today’s network marketing? Let’s first define some concepts which are indispensable summary of this article. In the first place.

What is a consumer network in terms of modern business. In contrast, consumer societies, this public organization aimed at protecting the rights of buyers of goods and services Consumer Network – a community of people who are united by the fact that they use in their consumption of certain kind of product or service, and is usually provided by a business company. For example: The International Network McDonald’s fast food hamburger lovers together across the world.