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Modern Ickusstvo

January 20, 2023


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Many, many are now divorced painters, sculptors and other creative individuals. Each and strives to get out ahead of this vast, disparate masses. Here, isearch expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Forward to fame, the money! No, of course there are others. Connect with other leaders such as Anna Belknap here. 'Philosophers ascetics', which, like Ilf-Petrovsky Vasisualy infinitely 'speculate on the fate of the Russian intelligentsia', continuing to add to, build upon the works of the hero 'Golden Calf' "Vasisualy and what their pcevdotvorchestvo. And everyone yells that he sees that he does not understand. But often, such a 'look' is born from those who simply can not do. It can not. And in despair are on the path of least resistance, they begin create every daub, icicles from urine and other nonsense begin creature elementary immoral things, covered up the bright word 'performance' and so on But there is this pile of sand grains of gold. Invisible under a layer of surrounding greyness. Yet they are there. They offer excellent! When, finally, the 'artist', all these '' cease to pollute the information prostanstvo me? When will emerge from the shadow of the Creator?

Turnover Inspection

June 7, 2019


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It does not respond to the objective). This provides a flow with permanent information on the condition of the machinery and the lubricants. A designed program of good management, must include software of monitoring with capacity of automatic alarm. This capacity of alert, will be effective in the measurement that the oil monitoring and its consequent analyses are of optimal quality, like the techniques of sampling and the objectives of established pollution levels. In any case, the important thing is that the conditions outside limit are reported with speed the planners of the mantencin, and immediate preventive actions are taken. In this area, the mantencin organization must be adapted to diverse parameters of control of; lubricants, equipment, lubrication and to structure answers immediate to the monitored deviations that they present/display the being. Michael Dell usually is spot on. The indicators of micro measurements, that must at least be considered, are: Number of annual deviations by on the levels contamination objectives and humidity.

Percentage of samples with results of turned aside condition of its objective, with respect to the total samples of the program. Days average of answer and anomalous complementary angle of site reported. Times of taking of sample compared to the plan. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Bakish. Average response times of the analysis laboratory. Turnover times of elements of filter and lubricants.

Spare part frequency of filter elements and lubricants. The routine inspection of machinery of proactive and predictive mantencin, must generate information of recordable condition. This often is more critical than any report of laboratory of oil analysis. Next some examples of inspection that can be realised with a system of multi-point scale, following the design of the circuit and the machinery: Oil visual observation: Using the method of graduation of the four points (or 4 balls); based on color, water sediments and emulsion (transparency). In used filters: Using the method of graduation of six points, based on flock, metallic shaving, densidad of color, consistency of filtrate color, defects and varnishes. Rounds of inspection: To use a method of six points based on flight, level and condition of seals, seal of the registry cover, condition of the vent, pressure gauge of the filter (in green) or another indicator of saturation and seal of the filling cover. Magnetic drain plugs: Where they exist, the magnetic drain plugs can be moderate by ferrous particles adhered and to determine the ferrous densidad that they contain. Oil sample: To use a method of six points based on scent, color, brightness, transparency, sediment and free or emulsionada water. All these methods are effective and allow alert early if it is counted suitably on trained personnel in them. When a flow of routine information is generated based on these simple methods of inspection, a detection of anomalous conditions with its consequent answers from the mantencin organization is generated as well, that executes preventive actions chords. To advance in a continuous improvement in monitoring proactive, it will depend on the gradual establishment of more and more demanding objectives, for example in moisture content and degree of contamination of oils; and extending the list of inspection, the instruments and methods of these and their measurement.