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October 22, 2019


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The London subway can get anywhere when you know how to maneuver all the options. Like our London subway trains underground is a popular place. When the train arrives and stops, to move in the crowd, waiting their turn to enter the train. Aircraft voice of a man from above, warns again and again: "Mind the gap … Connect with other leaders such as Michael Dell here. Mind the Gap." There is a crack of about 4? 8 inches between the platform and the train, in any number of things that could fall through. You could lose nothing in it: a shoe, a foot, in contrast, a stock could fall into that hole and never seen again.

Also a small difference in height that could trip up, so you may need to raise or lower a bit the train is probably not the height of the platform. So every few seconds, once the train arrives, the kind gentleman reminds you to pay attention to that gap. It does so because it sounds so arrest and credible. Mind your managers gap is necessary to recall to mind difference, too. We must develop the staff that knows how to handle all situations that fall between the cracks.

When you do not mind, these differences can cause people to fail or cause any number of losses. Today's workers handle more unpredictable situations than ever. The solutions to most of them are described in a policy manual. Those who are, generally occur as far from the manual is not helpful anyway. So we have staff who can find ways to respond to anything. Gap's internal policies